Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Father of all colds and the tractor

Why is it when mom's get sick, no one really notices or maybe they just tune us out, but when Dad's get sick...the world comes to a halt. You guessed it. Lonnie caught the boys' cold and all life as we know it is ending. I now have three children to care for instead of two. I don't mind taking care of Lonnie, I love it, but when he refuses to take medicine and then proceeds to whine about how stuffed his little nose is....that is one sympathy card I refuse to validate. Brody still has a slight fever which makes me think that the antibiotics aren't working...but could be this point, who knows. I love you sweet cheeks, but you need to suck it up.

We're back to square one on the sleeping. Last night was a disaster. Brody is back in our room. I'm just giving it to God which should have been done a llooooong time ago. I'm so jacked up on a double shot hazelnut espresso (the real deal, no wimpy gas station poo) and Sudafed that the morning is a bit of a blur. I got a lot done though...went through the house like a mad woman cleaning then outside to rake leaves, pick up dog poo and play hide and seek with Baylor....all of this within an hour...I think, kind of unclear at this point. Then got the mail....and in the mail was a card from Hills Bank (the local bank) telling us that Baylor had won this enormous cast iron John Deere pedal tractor. I think I was more excited that anyone. This thing is amazing...very heavy and smells like grease, but amazing!!! I didn't even put his name friend did...we never win anything....but this rocks my socks off. Baylor has been in pure John Deere tractor heaven all morning. I think he'd probably sleep with it if we can figure out how to move it. I don't know how the expect a two year old to pedal that thing, I could barely get it in the house. That's okay though, Baylor still hasn't figured out the pedal thing on his trike yet. All in all, a very unexpected blessing!

I've also been thinking about friendships lately. I'm a bit of a loner, which is fine by me, I've got my boys. I'm also bad at friendship "maintenance" if you will. I hate calling people and get wrapped up in my life that I forget that there are people who actually think I'm cool. I've been through rough friend stuff in the past, so I set my walls pretty high. My best friend is by far my mother and I've never really had that really close friend or confidant that you can call at midnight asking to borrow flour or tell her how excited you are to buy new underwear (believe me, that is a cause for huge celebration) and she knows your jean size that fluctuates each month. I guess what I'm saying is that we all need friends, no matter how close they are, it's simply the female need for companionship and emotional stability. May be emotional but stability is another story! We need quality friends too....I will not go into that definition, I'll let you define that on your own. Some friends come and go like the style of shoes we wear, but that is life too and the way God planned it. They may no be the ones that you pour your deepest darkest secrets out to, but they will be the ones that bring you chocolate when you're pissy and think you still look good in your P.J's with no makeup on when they deliver it. My goal is to work harder on friendships because I have some pretty awesome gal pals. Alrighty, enough with the mush. I might go sit on that tractor because it's THAT COOL!!!!


Kim said...

Josiah thought that tractor was the coolest thing ever when he saw it at the bank. He may refuse to leave next time we come over. Think you can handle 3 kids under 3?

Crazy Mom said...

Awww...can I be your friend? Or at least your online girlfriend?

That tractor is saweet. Enjoy enjoy enjoy. Now, if only someone could enter you in that contest for a maid service, all services at a full service salon, and an at home chef for the next 18 years, youd be set.

Go Cubs!

Janice said...

What lucky little farmers to be! :) that is one sweet ride!