Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fertilizer drama

Twas the nicest day so far of the spring, a delightful breeze, warm sun and very green grass....alas, all the drama. WE could not step foot on our wonderful fenced in backyard because Mister Grass Nazi decided to fertilize the grass this morning and man nor beast can step on it....ALL DAY LONG!!!! So we retreated to playing on the front sidewalk, front porch and went to the park...twice. This stuff better work sweet cheeks.

More cleaning today(but seriously, does that ever end?) and some painting of a coffee table in which I SWEAR Lonnie told me I could paint, but the expression, "what are you doing!!" and a cross look came over him when he walked on the porch....maybe it wasn't the table he was talking about? Hmmmmm ooops. It was part of his prized bachelor furniture and it has taken quite a beating from the little punk, thomas, dinos, Nascar dudes and Brody's teeth.

Thanks for all of your thoughts on my stinky tooth situation. I appreciate the suggestions and I will take them to, or tooth. You guys rock.

OPERATION SLEEP: Ummmm well, it was going okay (just okay) but Brody was up twice last night, the second time he screamed bloody murder until I got him (better one than two cranky kids) then at four, it was to bed...with me...someone needed sleep...okay, I really needed sleep. I hate starting bad habits, but it had to be done. Tonight it's all really think this dude would get it by now, um no. Part of it is my fault, I need to be consistent!!!
Peace out. It's bedtime.

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