Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fun with a box

What? You needed that page? Tastes like chicken.

Fun with box. Fun with phonebook. No new's boxes and phonebooks all around.
I could apologize, I could...but I won't....for I have done nothing wrong. I've been told I am "too negative" in this blog. I laugh. THIS is real life folks...this is not pretend. Real life is not always daisies, fluffy clouds and candy. Real life of a stay at home mom who adores her children, thinks they're hilarious and is trying to raise them according to God's standards. BUT Poo happens. Usually the most amusing things to write about happen to be of the negative nature. I AM HAPPY. I LOVE MY CHILDREN!!!! There is absolutely NO question about that. I haven't fallen of my rocker, I just tell it like it is. Sorry, no apologies. I love you, but no "say sorry"
So it's April....and it's snowing. Lonnie had a home meet today but they had to move it to Sunday because it was going to be so cold and the windchill was going to be in the teens. Who doesn't like running like the wind....or against the tight snow? Now that is what I call fun. So I have Lonnie home on a Saturday!!! well, kind of..he's at work right now, but he shall return. Baylor and I have been playing in his fort aka known as the Brody's new car seat box. I had to get him a new one because he is too long for the baby seat and we'll need one soon when we move him to front facing. I was going to get one at a garage sale, but my gut is to buy it new for safety reasons. It wasn't that expensive and it's worth it to me.
I'm going to do Chalk the Walk again this year (sweet sidewalk/street chalk festival in MV) I helped Diane last year (she did most of the work!) but was five and a half months pregnant and crawling around on the asphalt wasn't the most comfortable. This year the band is my "sponsor" and I will have to do it all by myself. It takes a long time and it's not the most comfy, but it's so much fun!! In case you're wondering what I'm talking about, Chalk the Walk is this great street chalk festival where artists from all over get a huge square on the street in Downtown Mt.Vernon. We re-create famous art or do an original work of art in your huge square. Here is a photo of our art from last year. I need some ideas for this year. I want to do an original work of art and incorporate some musical theme in it or do something crazy like cartoon dinosaurs (for the kiddos) So I'm open to any ideas. I probably need a plan, but I'm the "queen of winging it" says Lonnie.

THE TRACTOR: Okay, so we looked online to see how much the tractor is worth that Baylor won (and was excited for about one day) and can't move because it's meant for display and not play. Much to our surprise it's value is around $250!!! Cha Ching. Looks like eBay may have a new listing. Sorry Baylor, we'll buy you a tractor you can actually use. Anyone interested in a brand spankin new Die Cast 8530 Prestige John Deere Pedal Tractor? You know you are.
Enjoy the weekend!!! Just think....70 degrees on Wednesday!!!!


Crazy Mom said...

If someone considers you negative, I'd hate to think what the opinion of my blog would be. Probably less than favorable.

I for one, appreciate your honesty and ability to tell it like it is. Makes me realize that I'm NOT going crazy, everything I'm thinking and doing is relatively normal.

Keep up the good work!

Miranda said...

Negative, schmegative...
I like your candidness :)