Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm not scared, I'm brave

This is Baylor's SAD face. Makes you want to give him some candy doesn't it? We've built up an immunity towards it, so it only works sometimes!! I'm not scared, I'm's okay dad, don't be scared....says Baylor as we are watching Chicken Little (yea, I know...REALLY scary :) Lonnie is laughing because it's a pretty amusing movie, but Baylor thinks he's scared so he's trying to comfort's hilarious.
So today was fun. I stayed home this morning from church because Brody has conjunctivitis (aka pink eye) and a super duper amount of snot flowing from lots of crevices. I salined every thing from the neck up, put some GOOT on his feet (I'll explain later) and let him take his short nap. I think he's feeling a little better, still very congested. Can't figure out where we picked this junk up from since it's been so nice out and we haven't been anywhere but the park....ahhhhh the park, crawling with e-coli and viruses!!!
Okay, so GOOT. Garlic Olive Oil Treatment. A friend suggested this and swears by it for just about any ailment. I've tried it a few times and can really tell a difference in the severity and length of the colds. Here is a website:
Basically it's 3 T coconut oil, 3 T olive oil and 3 T heated and blended for 2 minutes then strained with cheese cloth or strainer. Put it in the fridge in a wide mouth jar. It makes you smell like garlic bread, but it's a yummy smell. I rub it on the boys' feet and mine (Lonnie thinks I'm nuts) If only it could make Brody sleep, then I'd do a little jig.
So it's off to plan two weeks of meals . Fun times.
Oh yea, it's suppossed to SNOW tonight! Yes, you heard me. Cruel cruel joke.


Miranda said...

Hey,I believe you about the GOOT :) I use peppermint oil on the tootsies when my kiddos get sick.

Crazy Mom said...

Check out She 'backsplashed' her entire kitchen with chocolate wrappers from around the world. It is pretty darn cool, even us non artsys can appreciate it!