Monday, April 28, 2008

Is that snow?

YES!!!!!! (okay, flurries, but needless to say...SNOW!!! in late April!!)

Ummmm seriously. I was in shorts last week. NOW mittens, hats and space heaters all around. Poo. May is fast approaching, but we seem to be backtracking in the weather department. I will say it again...Global warming my butt.

I will make it short and snappy because the Bachelor is on soon....down to three ladies. If he picks the blond I'll cry, okay I won't really cry, I'm not that attached....c'mon man, she's totally using you for air time. Anyone who sprays on a tan and brings lip gloss skiing needs to be smacked. I just like to hear him speak...digging on the the British accent. Speaking of t.v...loving the AT&T go phone know, the one with Meatloaf....hilarious. I guess you have to be a Meatloaf fan to appreciate it....

Still lots of snot here. Baylor is getting better, I'm sure he has an ear infection in the other ear now, but we'll wait it out until he gets fevers. Brody is so stuffed up and coughing now, but on the mend I hope. I lubed them up with GOOT and Vapo Rub. Baylor is really excelling in his vocabulary and speaking in general, he is such a hoot to listen too. I'll ask him questions just to hear him talk. Today he said he had to fix his hair for the girls, so he grabbed a mirror and a comb and started brushing. Then he started to brush my hair...."MOM! You're beautiful!" Oh, I love this kid!!!

So Chalk the Walk this weekend in Mount Vernon. I have decided on an original work by me and with inspiration from Lila (Thanks Lila!!!) she gave me a great idea....dedicated to Baylor. I'll keep you in suspense and show you photos later. I'm having a little trouble with the childcare situation, my mom is coming up, Lonnie is gone, but it's an all day thing. Don't want to burn her out too much! Our brass band is also playing on Sunday, so if you're bored come on down and look at the beautiful art and hear our wonderful music. It's supposed to rain, this might be a little tricky.

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Miranda said...

Ooooh, I might have to drive over to MV to see it!
I am watching the Bachelor too. I am in accordance with you on the blonde. I am voting for Chelsea. Totally. I think you've hit the nail on the head with her need (shane) for air time. And the spray tan. Seriously?