Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's go time

OPERATION SLEEP: I've put my foot down. I have to buck up and move Brody into Baylor's room. I wanted to wait until he was sleeping through the night but since that won't happen until he's in high school....
The plan is to put him in the crib in his new room (Baylor's room) and let Baylor sleep with Lonnie in our bed for a few nights (this could be playing with fire as well) until Brody gets the hang of it and I let him cry a little. He is perfectly capable of sleeping through the night (since he did it for a week straight a while ago) and is healthy now, minus a few snot bubbles here and there and isn't getting teeth at the moment. Even if he wakes one time, I think Baylor might sleep through it. I moved everything over there including the rocking chair, so there's no turning back now. Honestly, I'm kind of sad, I really liked having him in the same room as me except for the fact that he wakes up every freakin three hours like a newborn!!! This craziness has gone on for far too long and has to come to an end before I turn into a sleepless zombie. I'm sure it will be a few crazy nights, but in the long run it will be worth having both boys share a room and FINALLY getting our room back!! I won't have to army crawl out of the room in fear of waking him and there will be NO BABY TOYS in sight...just pure a peaceful mommy and daddy sleeping area....that is until Lonnie starts sawing logs. I am prepared for that however, I purchased some nose strips that are supposed to help with snoring...we'll see about that one. I'm kind of getting spoiled when it comes to sleeping in a big bed by myself though...lots of leg room and lots of pillows :)

I can't let a good post go by without talking about the weather.....which is nasty cold today...for APRIL!!! The windchill is in the 20's brrrrrr. The end is in sight though, it's supposed to be 60's on Sunday and that makes me happy. I pulled out my shorts and capri's and ordered a new pair of sandals in high hopes for being able to actually wear these items very very soon!!!

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Crazy Mom said...

It snowed here today. That is not an April fool's joke.