Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ladies, start your engines....

April showers bring....cranky and mud covered toddlers.
Looks like Brody has taken up a liking for track already. Nice strategically placed baton by mom. We can only hope and you can only wonder.
....lawn mower engines that is. That's right, it's mow time. I love mowing. Let me tell you why I love mowing. In the spirit of ongoing lists....

1. The smell of freshly cut grass...yum. That is until I start sneezing and rubbing my eyes. Three cheers for spring allergies.

2. The smell of gas sputtering out of the tank on to my hands...just kidding. However, I did that today right after I spilled oil on my shoe....the price I pay to take care of our lawn.

3. The sound of the mower, nothing sounds like summer or spring in this case, like a good ole push mower. None of that riding mower crap (although I secretly envy our friends with one) Side note: it's hilarious our 85 year old neighbor has a brand spankin new John Deere riding mower and the lawn the size of a postage stamp. It takes him more time getting the mower out of the garage then actually mowing, but it's a hoot to watch. He loves that mower.

4. Good exercise, nice cardio workout and extra calories burned for dodging dog doo and lifting the slide with one hand while mowing under it with another.

5. Alone time. YES! Lonnie knew it was a rough weekend when I practically threw myself in front of the door volunteering to mow today. Oh, let me let me!

6. It makes me feel clean and clear and under control (yes, I know that's a commercial tag line..but it's for zits, not grass) When the lawn looks good, I feel good.

7. We have a secret competition with the neighbors to see who's lawn gets mowed first. It was a tie...a duel of the mowers if you will. Me and the neighbor's grandson we're neck in neck until he shifted into warp speed and finished a hair ahead of me. BUT our lawn is bigger. Nothing like keeping up with the Jones's ....or Smith's.....or people we don't know their names still.

So it was mow time today....even if I mowed in a stocking cap and coat (where did spring go) it was nice. Poor Lonnie got home at 3am last night and was so exhausted (he's currently snoring on the couch..and it's only 8pm) The lawn looks nice, needs some work but that is grass Nazi's job.

Baylor spent the night at Gramma and Papa K's last night. The plan was to let Brody cry and work on putting himself back to sleep....ummm sleep training if you will. Baylor had a blast and was such a good boy. I never understood when parents would say, "oh, we don't go anywhere we miss our kids too much.." but now I do. I missed the little booger. My plan was foiled with Brody screaming five times, two of which I broke down and got him because it was so high pitched and painful to listen to. He has an awful cold now and so I'm anticipating a rough night again. I'm sure an ear infection will follow.

I'm designing a tattoo for a friend and it got me thinking. If I were to get a tattoo (which I've thought of, just not somewhere tacky or scary) what would I get and where would it be? I think my foot (can't make it any uglier) and it would be pretty darn cool, just not sure what it would be. On the other hand, our body is a temple and if God really wanted us to have inked anchors and naked ladies dancing on our forearms, he'd of made us with them. I still think it would be cool, but I'm a rule breaker remember?
Tomorrow is Sunday. Our Sunday tradition is mighty unhealthy, but pretty awesome. We get donuts from Casey's and the Sunday paper. I pull all of the Ad's out and spread them all over the floor, drink my coffee and eat my donut. Baylor eats his sprinkle donut, but only the frosting off, and then asks for another one. Brody cries because he wants to eat one too. Speaking of Brody crying....ALL DAY. He is in that stage where you can't put him down, leave the room or look at him funny or he'll break down. He is nothing like Baylor in that regard, Baylor was already playing by himself by this time. I had to step over him today as he tried to grab my ankles screaming. This is not a fun stage and neither is the not sleeping stage. I'm ready for them to be over with!!
Enjoy the day of rest tomorrow. Go worship the Lord and eat donuts!!

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Miranda said...

oh, I like donut day too! I am settling for a cupcake today, though. I hear you about the tattoo. I have teetered and tottered about getting one because I think they're beautiful, speaking from an artistically inclined perspective. That is, if you get the right tattoo and in the right place. I decided on either of those yet, so I haven't got any.