Friday, April 4, 2008

My mind is a blank

I had great visions for this post all day....kept thinking of funny and of course witty things I could share and our adventures of the day....and now they're gone. My momnesia has kicked in again. I have a serious case or I had a stroke because I lost the connection between my mouth and my brain. Mush comes out...even when I'm typing. I sit here staring blankly at the pulsating little line waiting for my next nothing. So I will retrace my day for you because it was pretty sweet....well until Baylor decided that napping was not for him.

Lonnie was home with his dreadful death of cold but had to get on the road to recruit so he let me get groceries by myself!!! I made my super duper organized by meal grocery list and headed to the evil empire of Wally World. I stayed exactly on budget for the trip and bought new underwear (in case you all wanted to know that) it was a long time me. When I came my surprise, the floor was vacuumed and the laundry had been started. I would have been even more surprise, hadn't I told him that it might be nice if he did that for me before I left :) I got Baylor this sweet bug catching and holding contraption with a flashlight and magnifying glass and he hunted for bugs in our house all day long. (who knew there could be so many dead ladybugs in one house) We ate lunch, tried to take naps (which failed miserably) and then headed outside to play all afternoon. Baylor got to play with Josiah, his younger guy buddy, and was trying so hard to be gentle and help, but ended up just making him mad. Josiah got to play miss the doggie bomb game, but I think there might have been some evidence on his shoe when he left. (sorry! I tried) So he retreated to playing in the compost pile searching for more bugs. Lonnie is gone once again this weekend and so my mom came up and helped me with the boys tonight...thank you thank you!!! They went down without a cry at 7pm on the dot. And here I am.....ready to sleep or maybe read a, sleep sounds much better.

Happy Saturday.


Kim said...

There was a little 'doggie bomb' on the bottom of his shoe, which was exciting to him for some reason and he tried to walk around the house carrying the shoe...boys are so strange. A little bomb was totally worth the fun we had and the look on his face when he got to tell Daddy about the cool green tractor he played on!

Crazy Mom said... This is the triathalon I'm doing: It is also a sprint. I am a swimmer (spent 10 years as a lifeguard) but my running is something to laugh and point at, hoping the "short bus" takes sympathy on me and picks me up along the way.

I have no tips, but a gal from church is coming over to give me pointers. I'll fill you in with whatever she gives me. Too bad we couldn't have been a team. I'd do the swim and bike and you could run. Or I'd swim and you'd do the rest.....

Maybe next year.

However, if you sign up to do this one and need a place to crash, my house will always welcome you!

Check it out.