Monday, April 21, 2008

Nakedness all around

Man, I wish I had my camera with me today!! The weather was delightful....almost 80!!! Now that's more like it. So we went to the park, library and track all in one swoop. The way that I had to lure Baylor away from the park was to tell him he could play in the steeplechase water. For you non tracksters out there, the steeplechase is a long race with a water hazard and a large barrier (like a hurdle) in front of it. The water was still in there from the home meet two weeks ago...however it was looking might green with worms and leaves floating...but none of that matters to a two year old. He ran as fast as his little legs could carry him and quickly waded in even before I could get his pants off. So the shorts came off, then the shirt. The water was freezing but that didn't stop Baylor from splashing and jumping and "swimmin" He kept asking to take off his diaper, but I knew dad wouldn't want his son and his netherparts bouncing around the track. I turned around to check on Brody and out of the corner of my eye I see an unidentified flying white water logged object. Yup....diaper. Naked Baylor happy as clam. So he yells as loud as he can, 'daaaadddddy, I'm naked!!!!" So if you happened to drive by on first street in Mt.Vernon Iowa, you probably saw a very naked, but very happy boy jumping in cold water and loving it. I'm pretty sure he'd be naked most of his life if we let him.

I took the winter windows off the porch and hauled them down to the basement/cellar...all by myself...again...and lugged the screens up from the cellar.....all by myself....again. In case you can't sense the sarcasm here...I do this every year....all by myself. Not bitter at all. I scrubbed the porch off from top to bottom, said goodbye to a few project side tables (put them on the curb and they were gone in an hour) and weeded through some toys. Seriously, I think they breed at night. Lonnie casually says, "hey, we should paint the porch" which translates into, "Hey woman, you need to paint the porch....and I'll watch Cardinals baseball" My husband is a very talented man, but even he will admit he is missing the handyman jeans...or gene. Sure, dear...I'll get right on the porch painting. Right after I finish lugging the rest of the windows down to the cellar.....
We got a package from Grandma and Grandpa Speidel and Baylor quickly threw everything out of the package, trying to find toys...." I know there is toy in here!" So thank you Lala and Mike :)

Alrighty, I'm lettin him cry tonight. Need to buckle down and suck it up. He's fed, dry, and took a half hour nap this afternoon, so he's tired....he HAS TO SLEEP sometime!!

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Crazy Mom said...

We also run a clothing optional home. It's also VERY common for Jack and his peers (I've asked around) to strip completely nude, even in public to go to the bathroom when it's a sitdown job. Something to look forward to!