Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Puppy love

Check out those sad sad give me food please eyes? Chloe is such a beggar, with her sweet little beagle ears and nose on the table. Baylor is obviously oblivious to her while he shoves the entire piece of apple in his mouth. It's no wonder my kids haven't choked on food yet (sort of paranoid about that one) the way they shove food in like there's no tomorrow. At least he's eating in the photo. Dinner the last few days has been nothing but cereal. I'm still amazed that he actually gains weight.

My good friend Laura came to visit me today! She's marvelous, but now lives in California with her hubby and soon will be moving to Turkey where he'll be stationed for Air Force. She planned my whole wedding and I like to call her the organizing guru. She came with a month of meals planned out for me, including the grocery lists....amazing. We went to the Lincoln Cafe, a local cafe that serves yummy home grown Iowa food. Not the most kid friendly, but my kiddos were awesome! It helps to have another set of hands. I had a blue cheese burger that was the size of my head....and was very rare....just the way I like it. I'm a rare meat and raw egg kind of person...I like my steak almost mooing and my eggs very runny...totally grosses Lonnie out. He's the complete opposite...well well well done. I'm usually done eating my steak (can't remember the last time I actually ate a steak) by the time his is done on the grill. I am the grill master by the way....just ask Lonnie, he lets me do all the grilling, which I love! He is the breakfast master...great with bacon and eggs and pancakes. I can't wait to bust out the grill....last time I checked there were two army guys, a tractor and shovel inside....and it was snowing.....darn Iowa.
OPERATION SLEEP: Well, I think he might be getting the hang of this sleeping bit...BUT the last time I said that (knock on wood) he totally reverted back to his old evil ways. He cried/whimpered twice last night, very light and very little, then went back to sleep. He started to cry around 5:30 so I fed him thinking he wanted to get up...not on my watch kid. I still had an hour of sleep to be had. Now it's me that needs help with the sleep. It took me two hours to fall asleep last night, I have problems winding down (lots of mom stuff goes through my head constantly and art projects that I want to get done...all of course at midnight) Looks like I'll be knocking a few back before bedtime...just, not really....time to bust out the wine.
Lonnie made a play date for Baylor today. I'm glad he did BUT he made it at the worst possible time. We are total...okay, I am a total routine junkie and if night routines are thrown off, I'm thrown off!!! If Baylor doesn't sleep today...he NEEDS to go to bed at 7pm or he'll wake up during the night from being overtired (happens EVERY time) So my loving and thoughtful husband scheduled this play date for 6:30-7:30!!!! My world has been thrown into mad chaos. I may be lax about cookies and Chinese plastic toys, but bedtimes are sacred to me! So I'm praying he will take a good nap so he can play with his buddy until 7:30. I feel like I should return the favor to this kid, but honestly, he'd be bored out of his mind here. They have a huge playroom, tons of toys, a enormous backyard with more toys and a gigantic house. I have a feeling coming to our house might be punishment. Maybe not? Do I need to return the favor? (thoughts please) Plus, we don't know them that well (his dad works with Lonnie) and I'd feel weird, but maybe I should get over that....they're just kids and they'll just play. I do need to get Baylor "out more" (says Lonnie) Sure, honey...get me a car and we'll go out all the time :)
Baylor has a new favorite toy. Harmonica!!!! We are now kicking ourselves in the head for investing in that one. It's cute though...makes me think I should be eating pork and beans down by the

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Crazy Mom said...

You don't have to return the favor, Lonnie does, since it's his coworker. He can invite them over on your next band night.

I'm serious.

And kids play with whatever, no matter that they already have everything. They are always amazed at everyone elses stuff. Even when it's your bff daughter's Barbies being lined up in a row to be gunned down by Storm Troopers...