Saturday, April 5, 2008

Smell my lips

What's that smell?

Smells like.....grapes!

Mom, can I smell you lips? (picture Baylor grabbing my face and putting his snotty nose right on my lips so he could smell my grape chapstick)


What a kid. Makes me laugh.

So today was glorious!!! 66 degrees and a little breezy but the sun was bright and's about time!! There are little bits of green poking through the deadness and some of my hostas are starting to peek through (the only plant that I haven't killed yet) I took the boys down to my mom and dad's house and we went hiking to the lake. What a workout. I put Brody in the backpack (note to self: cut that kid's nails before you give him access to your neck) and Baylor was in heaven. We hiked through the woods and threw rocks in the lake and played on the dock. Hiking back up the hill was another story. My gluteus maximus is a tad on the sore side, but since I didn't get to run, it was a great workout! We played outside all morning and I had to bribe Baylor to come in to take a nap (which he actually did) and then back to our house for more outside fun, but a little more cranky. Baylor got mad at me so he trucked out to the middle of the yard, sat down, frowned and crossed his arms..........and thus begins the pouting stage. I'd never seen him pout yet, but I had seen his "ugly" face. He brings that out when he really really wants something and says it in his "T-Rex" voice....which is even scarier. Quite a day, lots of outside. I miss my husband, but he'll be home soon...

We had a breakthrough with operation sleep last night. I mentally prepared myself to let Brody cry and NOT get him, so when he cried twice, I just let him cry...and he only cried for about five minutes tops!! Then back to sleep until 7am! Glorious sleep. I don't think my body knew what to do with all of that sleep, except make me more tired. We'll see how tonight goes. This could be the start of something beautiful.

My new Chacos came.....and then they were too big. I think my feet shrunk. I was so excited to have sandals, but now they sit all lonely in a box by the door, ready to go back to Let me tell you a little bit about the Koser (my maiden name)feet. We are blessed with many nice body parts and feet is NOT one of them. They are short and fat, kind of square like and my toes are so crooked...they resemble ball of play dough that a two year old stuck on. I try to paint them to make them a tad cuter...but that does no good. I even wear a toe ring...that doesn't seem to help either. My mom has ugly feet and so do I and we joke about our ugly feet. So Hooray for ugly feet....who really looks at your feet anyways?

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Crazy Mom said...

Yay for ugly ballet dancer/pointe shoe/wooden toe dancing callused feel nothing because they bleed thru your teens feet! (Only a pointe dancer will truly understand!)

You rock!