Sunday, April 13, 2008

The snakes are "wrestling"

Now I'm not scared of mice, spiders, bugs, blood, heights or bats BUT I hate snakes with a passion. Nothing makes me cringe and run the other way than a squirmy...eewwww can't even type it. So Baylor and I went on a hike through the woods today and went down by the lake to throw rocks in (mucho fun for a two year old) I heard something rustling in the leaves nearby....hello mating snakes. All rolling around and twisted in a ball grody gross gross. I wanted to run for my dear life (they were just Gardner snakes but that made no difference to me) but I was a good mom and showed Baylor until he asked what they were doing. They're wrestling son....and then we high tailed it out of there. I think I might be instilling my fear of snakes in Baylor because he kept asking why we were running through the woods. We had a fun day at the grandparents house, Baylor got to Kayak with Papa and Brody was just Brody. Both boys were beat by the end of the day. We still had to make it to bible study in one piece. Lonnie had their meet today because it was less chilly, windy and not snowing!! Seriously....Spring please!!! Baylor zonked in the car ride home and I shot a photo of him.....while was too cute and I stayed on the road :) I know, I know,Lonnie already gave me a stern talking to.
Here is the little dude in the car...trying to escape! It was a tad on the windy side so we hid in the car while Baylor battled the wind on the lake.
Oh yea, that most definitely is fire engine red nail polish on my very boy little boy. HE is the one who wanted to paint them, and maybe, just maybe it was because I was painting mine that very color. Hey, he's got my ugly feet, we have to make them purdy somehow!! He is thrilled. Dad not so much.
Happy Monday...almost.

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