Thursday, April 17, 2008

The the games begin

Alright folks, start your engines. It's garage sale season. I went to my first garage sale of the season and it turned out to be a huge disappointment....well, not totally, I did find this awesome vintage step stool and a roaring dinosaur. I thought there would be kid clothes, but I was sadly disappointed when I walked into a sea of gray hair. It was fun though, I took Baylor because when mom says, "I'm going to a garage sale" that usually means, " sweet, mom is going to bring me back a toy. " He was a good boy and I'm finding it so much fun to take him places because he actually can carry on a conversation with me, is obeying better and we have fun! It makes me add one on one time to the list of con's for having another bambino (as in you won't get a lot of it) Because when you add another it goes from one on one to zone defense....and I sucked at basketball. However, I could be wrong on this....I'll ask my resident crazy mom with three kiddos and see how she does it...or the mama with five (major props to all of you!)

Okay, so I was also thinking today about how I've managed to weigh less than I did before I had kids and a few things came to mind. Keep in mind that I am bragging here...totally trying to boost my self esteem. 1. No time to eat big meals, chasing kids, grabbing fruit and nuts instead of cake and pie (not really, I still like sweets) 2. No more man muscles. College sports made me into super buff woman (I still have man arms though) but the ghetto sprinter booty has flattened considerably....and muscles weigh more than fat. 3. No money for going out to eat, so no Wendy's fries dipped in frosty (try it, it's awesome) 4. Metabolism and genetics (thanks dad) I am still in my 20's and I'm sure when I enter my 30's it will be all downhill from there. 5. Abs during Sesame street and running after bedtime. I may not have a few hours at a time to spend exercising, but if I break it up during the day, I can burn some extra calories. 6. My favorite free calorie burner...breastfeeding. I'm almost done with Brody....let's just say he has eight teeth and I would like to keep all body parts in tact. Okay, I am done with the self flattery.

Band night!!! Oh yes, for all of your locals...we have our spring subscription concert on Saturday night at 7:30pm at the Mt.Vernon District Auditorium. TUBAPALOOZA. I have two extra tickets if you want them, (a $20 value) just comment me or give me a holla by phone or yelling from your car. Fun for all, great music and you can laugh because we have to wear these ridiculous costumes from the 1900's...hate them with a passion. I look like a farmer's wife. (speaking of costumes, if anyone has a vintage turn of the century dress they want to get rid of, send it my way....not like you have that laying around) Okay, now I'm done with the public service announcement.

Oh! How could I forget this amazing news on the bedroom sharing!!! Last night Brody slept through the night in the same room with Baylor!! He whined a few times, but no big cries!! Praise Jesus. I can't get too excited, for it might be a fluke...BUT it's hard to contain myself. This has been a long time coming. I slept from 10:30 to 6:30.....EIGHT FULL freaking hours....hooray.


Crazy Mom said...

Yay for you and your weight loss!! I wish I could drop a few too, but I've been training hard (this week was swimming intervals and weights) and I can't seem to get past being a size 6 or 4 for the most part. Ach!

I'm sure you look great. Come visit. We'll eat lots of Ice Cream and laugh at all those tomatoes!!

Kim said...

Good to hear the weight loss thing can happen after kiddo #2...and be careful about dogging on life after the 20s (some of use are getting dangerously close to that milestone and don't need the reminding!). Sorry, no turn of the century dresses, but I do have a flapper dress. You'd stand out.

Miranda said...

Yeah...I had the SAME thing happen to me when my kids were 2 and not yet 1. I looked sick! I think you're just burning way more energy than you're taking in...that goes without saying, right?
I haven't physically seen you much lately to see what you're saying but am sure your a knock out like usual. :) Don't feel like you're being vane. It's only a season that you're going to look THIS good, right? Things move around and drop and soon you'll be old. Enjoy it!