Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Today is a good day

Why? I will tell you.

1. Brody "technically" slept through the night, even though I let him cry ...twice, but went back to sleep...hoooray! I'm praying this will catch on.
2. Both boys are taking good long naps right now and the house is amazingly quiet.
3. All of the laundry is done (for today at least) and out of sight (which doesn't mean put away, just out of sight)
4. I made cookies that I like, not that anyone else wanted
5. Dinner is already made and in the crock-pot (hooray for slow cookers!)
6. It's raining, but is a peaceful slow rain...hopefully washing away what's left of winter
7. My new Country Living magazine came in the mail
8. I took a long hot bath, read a girlie magazine (and feel completely shallow for reading it, but it was fun) and ate a cookie
9. There is absolutely nothing on my calendar for today!
10. I finished planning a baby shower, making brass band tickets, working on library summer reading decorations and cleaning the kitchen all withing this "napping" time frame
11. I put my pajamas back on
12. I got to have a little quiet time with God (which should be my #1)
13. I'm finally not as sore as I was on Monday from running...hello quads!
14. When I spell checked this blog, I only spelled ONE word wrong...and it wasn't technically a word. (hooray!)

I hope you all are having a good day too! Enjoy the rain (or snow if you're up north) and go have a cookie...or two!!

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Brigitte & Ben Johnson said...

You continue to crack me up, Keri. I'm sure you'll think of something very creative to do with the kiddos.