Thursday, April 17, 2008

...the world wide web of too much personal information?

Yes, this is my second post today. Right now....the house is amazingly silent. No, I didn't sell the kids on eBay (although the thought has crossed my mind a few times) They are with a brave friend for a few hours while I clean, bathe and fix dinner...alone!!! She rocks big time.

Today a few things got my mind a racing. 1. I was watching Rachel Ray and they had a guest on about Internet stalking, slander and predators. 2. A friend and I had a conversation about our blogs and the privacy issue. I guess it never really occurred to me and my small wrinkled but very creative brain that anyone can read this blog. True, the reason for the ramblings is for my family to get to see what we're up to each day, laugh at my stupidity, see adorable photos of my babes and sanity. Then I had a freak out. ANYONE can see photos of my precious children....they can know when I decide to shave my legs and why I decided to paint my kitchen cabinets. So the question I pose to you (all of you..friends, scary strangers and family) should I make my blog invite only? Am I being so candid as to reveal too much information into our lives? Even though I have nothing to hide (except my flabby rear) it kind of freaked me out today thinking about it. I know God will protect me and my family but if I'm being stupid about this, I would like to know.

....and in the spirit of revealing too much information... I will shower now...singing loudly and praying for my sons future wives (I kid you not) They better be as cool as I am.

Ta ta.


Crazy Mom said...

Stop freaking out. Here's my thinking: Kids are all over the internet. Schools post photos all the time but cannot legally post first and last names, just "This is Jane D. playing at recess." I think you're blog is fine, but you may want to change your settings regarding your profile, where you live, and anything that shows your last name. I also don't post photos of any other kids but my own, unless the appropriate adult says "okay". I don't put up any pics of people who don't know about them, just in case.

I think what you're doing is fine. You're not a teenager hooking up with some random weirdos, and there are so many mommy blogs it's hard to tag just one to stalk.

If you want to make it invite only, just be sure to include me! But, I think you're fine as long as you remove any "personal" data.

You're a good mom. No one is getting to those boys (Until they're in High school, trying to pick up chicks, and annoyed that mom is reading all their IM conversations over their shoulders!!)

Crazy Mom said...

PS: I think Rachel Ray is slightly crazy and medicated for it.

Just a thought.

Miranda said...

I have done it both ways. I prefer doing "public" rather than private. Currently, Blogger doesn't allow you to know the IP address of those reading or accessing your blog, but I know of a few ways to get around this to have an "idea" of who is accessing my blog, like a stat keeper for instance. I don't use one because I just feel like that's too paranoid for me. I have nothing to hide. I can be selective about what I discuss, and I can be private, but I am not frightened...Does that make sense?

Brigitte & Ben Johnson said...

I agree with the above bloggers. My blog is not really an "real blog." It's really a photo book, with some really corny updates and comments for my family on the east coast. That's another reason why I don't make it public. Now, if I had an entertaining, witty blog like yours, complete with down-to-earth random (and insightful!)thoughts from a wife/mother perspective, I would make it public. Keep up the good work!

Shannon said...

I love having the boys here and giving you time to do whatever. Also since I don't have a blog I can't tell you one way or the other. But I did want to tell you that your BUTT looks GREAT!!!(and not flabby)