Saturday, May 31, 2008

Just one of those moments

One of those moments where you don't care what time it is or what has to be done. The sound of two LAUGHING boys in the same room instead of two screaming boys, is mighty fine music to my ears. We put the boys down for bed and three marvelous miracles happened.
1. Brody didn't scream bloody murder, just grabbed his new lovey (a soft sheep) and sat down in the crib.
2. I left the room (still no screaming) and Baylor started singing to Brody (He's got the Whole World in His Hands)
3. (not so miraculous, but slightly amusing) Baylor started doing his "pirate" impersonation to Brody and Brody was cracking up.

Busy day, super tired. I love my family!

oh yes! I did the spell check and it said NO MISSPELLINGS FOUND!! Woo Hoo (first time ever)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Alfalfa anyone?

When you wait a week and a few days to mow your lawn (reason being missing husband and torrential downpours at all hours of the day) it gets pretty L O N G. Like, welcome to the jungle long. We....wait, let me rephrase...I, mowed the lawn tonight for my workout and now I'm pretty sure we could feed a small heard of cattle with the trimmings from the grass. I might bale it tomorrow and sell it on the street corner to the locals.

Lonnie did take the day off today...and it killed him. I could sense it in his eyes and see it in his body movements, he kept walking to the door and looking at the car (planning his means of escape I think) He works too hard and it drives him nuts to know that he has stuff to do. He does love playing with the boys though and he's so good at it. Unfortunately he takes his frustration out on me and everything seems to be my fault today. The grass......the mower problem......the name it, It's my fault. Don't you love it when you say, "What's wrong honey?" and he replies "NOTHING!" and slams the door. Riiiight, sure, you betcha, nothin is wrong. Grrrrrrrr

So the sleeping in the same room dealio is still ironing itself out. I know it will get better, but Brody still has his moments of crying jags in the middle of the night and likes to wake his brother up at the wee hours of the morning. It's good for them (not the getting up early part...not good for me either!) to share a room. It will get better.

Where the Wild Things Are (aka my house)

Brotherly love

ummm yea, that's pee running down my shirt and leg....that's what I get for carrying a naked baby.

Buns of musical steel.

Nothing to see here folks, move along.....

Baby on ice.

Yet another example of when Dad watches Brody.

Go Cards!!

I'll write more later...headed to a garage sale...woo hoo!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

For Rent


Almost new, gently broken in 2.75 year old with big blue eyes and blond hair. Very adorable and lovable. Available for rent during the day, evening or butt crack of dawn. Loves to play. Has a temper.
Likes: running away from his parents in crowded and unsafe areas, hitting/kicking/boxing his little brother AND mother for no apparent reason, screaming at high decibel levels to get ones attention, saying NO.

Dislikes: eating dinner, obeying, putting clothes or taking them off, veggies of any shape or form.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just being a brother

Hey, who put that beanbag in my P.J's? forward five seconds....Baylor holding Brody's head into carpet.

.....and then pulling him by his pant legs around the floor.

The spankin spoon got plenty of use today (must be the weather) but so did the camera. Naughtiness was in the air big time.

Husband envy. I have self-diagnosed husband envy. Why, you ask? Well, I shall explain. Sooooo we used some of our stimulus check money to buy Lonnie a membership at a Gym. You may be asking yourself, "why does a man who works in a fitness center with a brand new track and weight room, need a gym membership?" Believe me, I'm asking that same question too. No, I do understand, who would want to work out in the place you work and spend most of your waking hours? I'm proud of him for working out, I'm just very jealous that he gets to leave the house AND leave to work out. Sigh. Oh, so jealous. My workouts lately have included lifting Baylor off of Brody, lifting Brody away from splashing in the toilet and lifting a cookie to my mouth. Grrrrrr.

Baylor required a lot of my brain today. He was in rare form. So I've got nothin for ya. Sorry. Tomorrow is another day. Hopefully less exhausting and far less bootie spankin than today. I feel the need to apologize to Baylor's kindergarten teachers right now. Sorry.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Just fishin'

Splashing in the water. Brrrrrrrrr

He's really excited, I mean REALLY excited about the BIG ROCK he just threw in the water.

Look twins.

Playing in the water at Lake MacBride and loving it. Pretty scary how much he looks like his dad.

Me and my boy Brody man. I'd just like to point out my nice arm muscles for self esteem pumping reasons. I've been working out....or more like lifting Brody.

Lonnie and Baylor on the dock getting ready to "fish" for the first time!

Too bad you can't catch a fish with a big rubber stopper...but we haven't told Baylor yet. I caught my first fish on a snoopy pole, it was a ten pound catfish and broke the pole in half. Next time we might add a hook yet...not until he's 14.

No better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon that throwing rocks, fishin and splashing in the very cold water. We had a pre-memorial day picnic with Colonel Sanders (whom Baylor proclaimed looked like Grandpa...not sure which one though) at my parents house. We headed over to Lake MacBride and Baylor brought his new prized possession.....his fishin' pole. What we haven't told him yet is that the big black safety plug on the end really isn't going to catch him any fish, it will just protect his little brother from bodily harm...for now. He got more of a thrill throwing rocks in the water and Brody couldn't contain himself and practically leaped out of my arms to get into the lake. It looks like we're going have a swimmer folks. The cold water didn't stop him, he plunged right in and splashed around until his water logged diaper made him a tad uncomfortable. I'm glad we're going to invest in a season pool pass for the summer so both boys can splash to their hearts desire. That boy could have thrown rocks in all day long. Baylor loved spending time with his daddy (who is currently sleeping beside him because he wouldn't let Lonnie leave)
We've had a lot of storms today because of the heat and humidity. They haven't hit us here in Lisbon yet, but there was a huge tornado up near Parkersburg. It practically leveled the town of just 1,000. Six people have been killed so far and many in the hospital. They say it is one of Iowa's largest tornadoes ever. Our prayers go out to them and their families. I went around the house looking for candles and flashlights to prepare if the electricity goes out. I found the candles but Baylor has hidden all of our flashlights somewhere. He uses them to look at his bugs. Looks like we might be making a trip to the store tonight. We have a cellar that is pretty sturdy for a house that is over a hundred year old, but it's also never seen a tornado. That would be our, "safe place" if we were to have a tornado. Storms at night always scare me because you can't see what is happening around you.
So track is over and tomorrow is Memorial day. One would think that a certain someone would stay home with his family after being gone for four days...hmmmmm He is such a hard worker, almost too hard sometimes. I am looking forward to this summer when his traveling slows down and his schedule is less hectic. I know he is too...or at least I think he is. I can't talk though. I never sit down and am always doing something and thinking about all the things that need to get done. My mind races all the time, that's why I have such a hard time winding down and falling asleep. And y'all know how much I value sleep!!!
Last night was our third try with the boys in the same room. It was a rough start, but it ended up well....early, but well. Both were wide awake at six in the morning. Brody only cried once (after falling asleep ) and it was a quick wail and then back to sleep. He was just settling in to a deeper sleep. It's about freakin time kid!!! I can handle the early mornings if he sleeps all night. I think they'll eventually love sharing a room and end up in the same bed when they're older.

Oh yea, forgot to tell you that magically our dishwasher started working again. I'm not going to ask any questions.

Well, I'd better finish this post before the storm hits or I'll lose all of my magical words, run on sentences and bad spelling forever. Yet a subtle reminder of why I draw.

Happy Memorial day!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Reclaiming the boobs

If I didn't freak you out by the Astroglide comment, this one will surely make you squirm. You know me, I don't hold back, so brace yourselves.

One of my favorite mama quotes....okay, actually a haiku is:

Tennis ball in sock,
Yet apt description of post nursing boobies.

And how right they were. I can almost say that I have reclaimed my boobs, but I'm sure there is a husband who would love to argue the fact that they belong to him....even though sadly still attached to me?! I haven't nursed in over 48 hours. Brody lost interest quicker than I would have hoped (even though tonight after his bath he came at me with his mouth wide open flashing his gopher teeth) I am bummed that we couldn't do it longer but also very happy to be free to dangle if you will without the fear of squirting someone in the eye. He will continue with formula (shriek!!) for only two more months and then regular whole milk. I know, I know.......all of you freaky lactaional guru chicks that are still nursing your seven year olds are scolding me right now. I'm pretty sure his brain function is tarp as a shack okay! He can see me and that is all that matters right? He will be okay, he loves the bottle and I have my boobs back!!! Though very sadly have shrunken in size and perkiness. Also much noticed by the one I love....he takes a quick glance and frowns, "where did they go?" I have no idea. I'm going to have to invest in those turkey cutlet gel things that you stick in your bra or some high quality padded push ups. All in all, I will miss nursing my baby to sleep, but we still have quality "snug" time (as Baylor calls it. I am glad that I no longer have to live in fear of eight sharp bunny fangs that could chomp down on me at any time. Whew!

So I found the phone. Where you ask? Good question. OUTSIDE!!!! I never take the phone outside, which leaves me to draw one conclusion. The crazy two year old whom which I share this house with must have brought it outside. It was behind the outdoor toy box and mighty damp. I plugged it back in and it lit up but no dial tone. Humpf. So I head to Wally World to purchase new phone.

Get home.
Rip into new phone.
Realize why phone did not have dial tone.......
(you are an idiot.)
Ummmm forgot to plug in old phone to phone jack.
Plugged in old phone that was outside.
Dial tone.
Will be returning new shiny non wet phone to Wal-mart.


Pray for me. Both boys are in the same room. Brody has been crying off and on for two hours. Not cool.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Booze in the mail and the missing phone

There's nothing like greeting the UPS dude at the front door and having you sign for alcohol! Woo hoo!! I did an artistic favor for a friend and was rewarded with none other than some excellent wine, and by mail nonetheless! (thanks Jen, you rock) I'll be breaking out the glasses and toasting myself tonight...alone.....maybe I'll share with my mom....maybe.
Well folks, it's Friday....Lonnie is still gone, the boys are taking their naps right now and it's raining. The house is unusually quite. No dishwasher. No dryer. No wash machine. (I'm finally caught up on Laundry...until tomorrow at least) No screaming "get Brody away mom!" or "I need a snack mom!" All I can hear is the rain outside and the occasionally snort from a sleeping dog on the couch. I think I'm ready to move Brody back into Baylor's room...this will be attempt #3. He's been sleeping through the night for almost a week, with a few crying jags here and there, but he usually goes back to sleep. I don't want to jinx this amazing feat that is no short of a miracle and has taken all but a lifetime to achieve. They both are pretty much done with their smokers cough and the snot is subsiding significantly. Once again, can't wait to regain our room back.
Ummmm so I can't find our phone. I have searched every single place in this house and even paged it (but that battery must be dead or the dog ate it because I can't hear anything) I'm pretty sure Baylor chucked it somewhere. He has a tendency to hurl things for no apparent reason. Like the time I found SIX sippy cups half full of strange liquids behind the t.v ( I wondered where that rancid smell was coming from....) and then the time I found a graham cracker shoved in the VCR and seven little army dudes inside of my running shoes (they're probably safe in there, haven't busted those out for a while) I don't remember who I talked to last or where the heck I could have put it. In the process of looking for the phone I did find some pretty interesting things strewn about the house. (DISCLAIMER: don't be freaked out by what you read in the following statements, it may possibly be too much information)
1. Half eaten apple core wedged between the garbage can and the desk....yum.
2. A pair of underwear with the crotch chewed out, not a kinky fashion statement, my dogs seem to gravitate towards gross things like that
3. A bottle of Astroglide...seriously, I know that may be too much information for ya'll but I have no idea why in the world it was under the couch...once again, blaming Baylor and his strange fascination with bottles (he makes them into people and talks to them) Now you know more information that you needed to.
4. 3 socks, 2 missing shoes, one pair of shorts and a partridge in a pear tree.
I'm pretty sure I'm losing it. I also unloaded the dishwasher this morning and was totally stoked to get it done before breakfast until I realized that I had unloaded an entire load of DIRTY dishes back into the cabinets. This is what happens when you have children, some of you may want to reconsider procreating until you're ready to let go of your mind. We may be investing in a new phone here shortly, unless Lonnie can find it. Which will probably be the case because he hasn't lost his mind nearly as much as I.
I turn my back for a second and he's either inside of the t.v cabinet or inside of the toy box. This kid is a monkey and won't sit still for more than a second. Keeps me on my toes or more like running in all directions. This is also how I maintain my girlish figure....sort of. Okay, who am I fooling, I have no girlish figure, but it sounded good.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Plumber's crack

Probably not the cleanest thing to be playing with eh? That was quickly swiped away by the mama and replaced with a broom...much safer. I love it how we spend mucho bucks (or garage sale bargains!) on toys that make noise, light up, twirl, roll, stick their tongues out and break into tiny pieces when all our children really want to play with is sticks, rocks and ....well, plungers. My personal favorite toy choice among my kids is boxes, especially the boxes that the toy you just purchased came in. What a thrill. For Baylor's birthday I will wrap up a large rock (stolen from a nicely landscaped yard I'm sure...just kidding, I don't advocate stealing in any way, shape or form) some bundled sicks and one large box. Voila! Instant pleasure and fun times.
So I'm home on band night. Baylor is still coughing a lot and I didn't want to risk a sitter and putting boys to bed together...I can barely do it on my own. Plus side is I get to watch the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. I decided that since I'm home, I might as well do it with a band. Bought me some new nail polish and bubble bath and brought the little t.v that gets one channel in the bathroom. Boys were in bed, I soaked in the tub and watched a little drama. Now I'm eating ice cream with my newly painted toes and enjoying every second. The days can get a little long with Lonnie gone, especially at bedtime. New nail polish helps though. Ta ta, more drama to watch.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My superman

Check out these pecs....solid.

More fun in the Speidel house......let me re-create the giggles....sorry for the shorthand, mucho tired.

Scene title: ROLLING POO.

Scene one: Yup, went to change Brody's diaper and he's like changing a rabid monkey and his poo just rolled right out...on to the floor ....yum. Break out sanitizer. Funny nonetheless. Who knew poo was so mobile.

Scene title: Superman

Scene two: Grandma Lila sends package of goodies including one superman P.J top with cape. Baylor won't take it off and runs around the house and yard being the one and only SUPERMAN!! He's my superman alright.

Scene title: Watch for falling rock.....or thrown rocks.

Scene three:

Mom: Hey, Baylor it's time to come inside for reading and naps.

Baylor: NOOooOOOooooOOOOOOOoo...picks up rock.....chucks at mom's head. The kid has great aim. Bulls eye.

Spankin spoon returns.

Scene title: The great wiener hunt and I ain't talking about hot dogs.....

Scene four: Bath time...Brody sees Baylor's donker for the first time....decides it looks like fun toy. Ouch. So Baylor grabs his netherparts and yells, "I'm hiding my pee pee!" Good idea.

Looking for some nice dirt to eat.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lookie I can feed myself...kind of

That's right, I'm adorable. What's that you say? You want my number?

Oh yes, I can feed myself....kind of. If mashing it around my face constitutes as feeding myself.

HEY! Pull my finger!

So I planted my tomatoes today. Roma, Better Boy and some yellow kind (forgot the name) I always go overboard and plant too many and end up with boatloads of tomatoes. I make a really kick butt salsa though. Baylor and I went to the greenhouse this morning and much to my surprise he was wonderful. Last year when we went, we both ended up in tears in the parking lot. He ran away from me and hid and did naughty things, but this year he was awesome. My little punk is growing up! He has a bad cough and he sounds like he's going through puberty at age two because his voice is so raspy and low. Poor dude. Once again, we can't seem to stay healthy for more than two days.

My darling husband also fixed our weed eater....only took a year and a half! We had some mighty long jungle looking grass growing everywhere and he was like a mad man trimming tonight. He is gone Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and possibly Saturday for Nationals. I am bummed, but know that the end is near. He only has a few trips for recruiting and D1 Nationals in June. THE END IS NEAR!! I will have my husband back again! I think I might play hookie from band so I don't have to get a sitter (shhhh) and the season finale of Grey's Anatomy is on. We'll see. I love band because I am a big huge ginormous nerd. (did you know that ginormous is actually a word? Who would have thunk?)

Shower time, I smell like gasoline and grass...yum.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Comfortably lived in

Clothes strewn under foot....dishes in sink....this is what our house is most of the time. A friend told me that her house is "comfortably lived in" and I think, unless you're crazy psycho cleaner freak, your house can be comfortably lived in too! Throw in some children, a few dogs, a tired mama and a busy husband and you have comfortably lived in. Now, let me tell you that I may have some of that psycho cleaner mentioned in the above sentence, but I know when to draw the line. I have to stop from cleaning up while Baylor is still playing, but I've come to realize that at the end of the day the house (that was clean for like 2.3 seconds) is dirty again and we had some great fun messing it up. The dust can wait, but my kids don't. So here's to having a comfortably lived in house.

On to my next subject. Table manners and an almost three year old. True, he has the attention span of a spider monkey jacked up on Mountain Dew, but I need to draw the line somewhere. He doesn't sit, he stands in his chair.....BUT when he sits he can't reach his plate. He does say please and thank you and excuse me BUT he also runs away from the table, doesn't eat and then asks for a "snack" about five minutes later. Lonnie and I are going to sit down and make a battle plan for this out of control little boy. I suggested duct tape, but that didn't go over so well. I know he's just two, but we have to work on this. We try to read him a bible verse in the morning and pray before each meal. He may not comprehend the meaning of the verse or what we're praying about, but at least we can start a good routine and habit for him.

Okay, watching the Bachelorette (and typing to that multitasking..or maybe it's called ADD) I'm putting money down on Graham, the geeky science dude and the GQ dressed guy. I like the dude with greyish hair, what can I say, I'm a sucker for that sexy salt and pepper. Who do you like? There are some pretty interesting dudes and you can feel the competitive testosterone oozing from the t.v. Some of these guys need a serious haircut...I swear I just saw a mullet. A few of them can now add rejected on the bachelorette to their resume. Should make for a good season.

Did some blog upkeep today. Changed some colors, removed some old photos and changed my comments so that anyone can comment. Kind of freaked out by this, but I'm interested in what people have to say. I surely don't hold back and neither should you...okay, maybe just a little...I'm sensitive. Don't let this ultra tough but incredibly cute exterior fool you, I used to cry at the drop of a hat. USED TO. Now I can't remember the last time I cried..probably at a sappy commercial or t.v show or the thought of something happening to my kids or husband. That's what happens when you have kids, all sensitivity and emotion is sucked out of your....just like Baylor was (they had to use the Hoover on his poor little head....I'll spare you the details....just think pot roast and straw)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wine, boogers and daisy dukes

Absolutely not relevant to anything I am going to enlighten you with today BUT a very enticing title don't you think? Well, I could talk about boogers because we have a plethora of those hanging out (literally) in this house. I'm pretty sure I can't talk about daisy dukes because I have none and really think seeing the bottom of your butt cheeks hanging out of your shorts is mighty unattractive.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to take a moment to brag on Lonnie a little bit. I don't do it nearly enough and the man deserves a parade for all the hard work he does. In fact, I probably dramatize his little faults for comic relief, so I apologize for any misconstrued information on this wonderful man. Yes, he is prematurely graying, but I find that mighty sexy...which is funny because men get more attractive as they age and women just get droopy. He is probably the best dad in the world...yup, pretty sure. I have to tell him to stop playing with Baylor because he has to go to bed and he gets all pouty. He loves his kids. He works so hard so I can stay home and herd cats...ummm I mean raise our boys. I'm sure I could go on, but I'll save that for later (like when I'm in the doghouse for another crazy project)

Okay, time for bed....and hopefully a WHOLE entire night without crying. One can only hope.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Black, white and the rock stealer

Yum. Nothing like a nice mouth full of chalk. He's a sneaky little dude.

Hmmmmm, this nice orange cup looks perfect to fill with sand and dump over your head dear brother. (and that's what he did right after I shot this photo)

So I stayed up late.....really late. Painted, cut, trimmed, cleaned, and laid tiles all day and night. I was totally stoked to show Lonnie my latest project that I even waited until he came home (at 11pm) to reveal the mudroom to him.....and all I got was, "black and white? You used black and white?" What I was hoping to hear was, "wow dear, it looks awesome and thanks for sacrificing your entire day and all of your energy to make our house look better, I love it, way to go." Ummmm nope. Totally shot down, deflated and my poor little ego trampled upon. I guess I had more of an artistic vision (used black and white tiles like a barber shop) than the man of the house. Okay mister, next time you get to paint. I still think it looks sweet, kind of funky, but it's a mudroom and anything is better than what it was before. It kind of resembles an old school barber shop, but hey, I'm the barber in this house now all I need is a barber's chair. The paint color was called translucent, it looked calming. I want to be the person who names paint colors. I'd have a baby line with names like Breast Milk Poo, Strained Carrots, Yellow Snot and Tylenol Red. All of these colors I am very familiar with...mostly smeared or stained on something I own.

Fun times....naked again....with a strategically placed smiley over the donker.

So last night was pretty rough. Brody man, who seems to be coming down with every illness there is, was coughing and sputtering. Then he starts to wail at 11.....and cries for about an hour off and on....and then starts blabbling and gurgling and kicking his legs and I swear he was laughing....for another hour....and then crying again. He was up for three hours straight. He wouldn't eat, wouldn't let me hold him, just cried. I'm stumped. I need sleep, he needs sleep and I have this motherly feeling that something isn't right. I thought it was his reflux so I gave him his reflux medicine in which he promptly threw back up all over me. It was like someone gave him crack. I've never seen him act this way at night before. I just want to make it better and kind of feel helpless right now...helpless and sleepless.

On a positive note, Lonnie and I actually got to go on a date tonight. It was spur of the moment and much needed. We hadn't been out alone since February. Ah, adult conversation and I didn't have to cook. We went out to dinner and then cruised the mall. Lonnie got some new flip flops and I got a few new shirts...yes, NEW!!! Doing our best to stimulate the economy, you know? We dropped the boys of with the grandparents and they were great. Brody didn't cry and Baylor didn't hurt Brody. So Baylor has been obsessed with rocks lately...really big and heavy rocks. He carries one around with him everywhere and leaves rocks that he finds all over the house. When we were leaving the restaurant, we spotted some landscaping around the building with big rocks. Lonnie and I looked at each other and then he dove out of the car and went stealth rock stealing. Baylor was thrilled. Who knew a stolen rock would provide such pleasure and happiness. No more toys for that kid, it's rocks, boxes and sticks for his birthday.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Baylor man strikes again

Oh he's such a boy....and a mighty crazy one at that. Let me set the scene for you......

Bright and early in the morning (six thirty to be exact) I'm getting my morning coffee. No one talks to me before the caffeine starts to kick in or you might lose an appendage. Got the coffee and sat down on the floor to play with cranky Brody man. Baylor was already playing outside in his P.J's and comes running into the living room. I'm not paying attention to him because he is off in Baylor land......running around, bouncing off sofa....wall....sofa....floor. I hear a little laugh...NO, wait....I hear an EVIL laugh and then he runs into the other room and hides. I know he's up to something but can't see any evidence of his mischief...UNTIL.....

I go to put the glorious coffee to my lips and happen to glance down...AT A WORM....IN MY COFFEE!!!!! Doing the back stroke in my wonderful hot cup of Joe. By this time Baylor is rolling on the ground laughing at me freak out over the worm. I don't mind worms, but the fact that he ruined a perfectly good cup of heaven made me a little cranky. It was pretty funny though. And this is just the beginning....

Later that day I hear this sucking sound and try to follow where it's coming from. Baylor is happily sitting at the kitchen table playing...sucking on a bottle...OF CHOCOLATE SYRUP. It's dripping down his face and he takes a swig of milk and then sucks on the chocolate and then says to me, "Look mom, chocolate milk." First of all, he has a good point...who needs a spoon to stir it up, it's much more fun this way. I guess he CAN open the fridge now. That is now Baylor's personal chocolate syrup bottle.

Finally, tonight when I was putting him in his car seat, he just started licking me.....up my arm, on my hand, then my face. I guess I tasted good. Strange kid. Funny, but strange.

So my wonderful friend took the boys today for a few hours. I'm pretty sure she is responsible for my sanity right about now. I was checking local listings for toddler curbside pickup when she called and offered to watch them. If I could hug her through the phone I would have. Anyways, I went to Menard's and picked up tiles and paint and began my mudroom project. I managed to paint an entire room...two coats...and the two hours. I've never painted so fast in my life because I knew I had a short window of opportunity before both boys were up. I finished the tiles tonight and as luck would have it....was one foot short of molding around the base..ONE FOOT!!! It only comes in twenty foot sections too.....poop on you. I'll hide it with a cabinet. It looks marvelous and much better than crappy dog peed on cement floor with icky walls. The dogs are no longer allowed in there without being in their crates. It's going to be a craft/garage/tool/art room. All in all I'm very pleased and I stuck to my budget.

It's been a crazy day and I'm beat. Tomorrow Lonnie is......HOME!!!!! Hooray. I'm doin a little jig right now in case you're wondering. I miss him so much and so does Baylor. I think I'm going to send them on some quality father son bonding time. I'm headed to Goodwill tomorrow for some shorts. I know you're all scared because you're thinking of my white veiny legs, but never fear...fake tanner is here. I'm perfecting the art of tanning lotion application so that I don't look 1. Oompa Loompaish 2. Zebra like or 3. Oompa zebra like. I'm getting pretty good at it except for around my ankles, it always looks funny. Oh well, can't win em all. I'm just glad to not be translucent. Ta ta for now.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hey, it could be worse. A little chocolate pudding never hurt anyone. We're still mastering the art of silverware use age (and failing quite miserably as you can see) I'll give him credit though, he was trying to eat pudding with a fork...only a skill mastered by Jedi knights. Gosh, he's cute isn't he? He's happy. He's smiling. He's eating. All good things. Who cares if it's pudding!!!
Well lets see....Brody man. Has another strange illness...or teething. I'm hoping it's teeth. He had a 102 fever this morning and then again this afternoon. He was super cranky and wanted to be held (yes, even when mom had to pee...can add that to list of things done while peeing....balancing checkbook, reading, eating dinner, holding Brody) I live for multitasking. I just want a healthy kiddo....and a healthy one that sleeps would be nice too.
So I got all ambitious and starting yet another project. I started it and then with the help of our lovely former landscaping pole-vaulting assistant track coach neighbor and Lonnie, finished it. What was it you ask? A stone walkway using the old stone from our basement. It's pretty sweet and it goes to the mailbox, so when I walk out looking like a truck just hit me in my workout pants and red crocs, I won't get my tootsies wet. I'll post a photo later.
Lonnie is gone tonight...and tomorrow...and Friday....TRACK IS ALMOST DONE. So excited about that. I give multiple high fives to those mamas who have to deal with hubbies that are MIA a lot. I will be so glad to have him back on weekends.....actually just have him back all the time. My mom came up tonight and helped with the punks and then we shared my mother's day wine on the porch and watched the local crazies drive by on their lawnmowers. Fun times.
Alrighty, American Idol time (another guilty pleasure) my vote is for David Cook, true talent.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Gimme a S, Gimme a L and E E P !!!

What does that spell? S L E E P. ( I know you're probably sick of hearing about this, but it's all that consumes me lately)

Yes. That is what I need. Not just a few hours...I'm talking about uninterrupted, restorative, REM, deep beautification sleep. I'm pretty sure Brody man is all better, but just to be sure, we gave him Tylenol before bed to help with any pain left from his mouth sores. He ate well, was bathed and was fast asleep by 7:14. I'm going to sleep downstairs so I don't cave in and get him (Lonnie can sleep through a freight train outside of his window) and Lonnie can actually sleep in his bed for once. I already know what will happen.....12:46am Brody starts screaming....and screaming....and more high pitched girl freaked out by mouse screaming....and Lonnie does wake up...and I wake up....and stumble up the stairs.....make him a bottle (yea, almost done nursing...hooray...well, not hooray for my poor pancakes...or more like tennis balls in sorry,....hello push up bra....sorry,I'll stop now) he'll then wake up again four hours later...screaming. NOOOOO make it stop. It's got to start sometime soon...the sleeping through the night that is.

So the Bachelor is on tonight. Another silly reality show, but so addicting...especially the British dude. I just want to hear him talk, that's all. I hope he picks Chelsea (but seriously, how can really get to know someone in that short of time and actually propose?) The blond is well...a blond. I'm excited that there is going to be another Bachelorette though. Poor Diana, she kind of got the shaft on the last show, she deserves to be drooled on by 25 hunkalicious dudes. Enough t.v talk for now.

So I got some good mom alone time yesterday and decided to buy a new swimming suit. I didn't want a "mom" suit but something cute with enough coverage. As luck would have it the one I liked the best was on the clearance rack for 8 bucks...whoo whoo. I tried on tons though....and if you think I'm going to post a photo you are SADLY mistaken. I can however give you a mental picture...think Victoria Secret runway model....and then add a nice one piece white suit with big black flowers on it and a halter top....and there you go..that's what it looks like and of course that's what I look like (RIIIIIIIGHT) I can always dream can't I? I did try on some two pieces but then scared myself in the mirror and decided against it. As traumatic as it was, I was pleased with the outcome. Now it's on to the tan.

Went to the library today. I love the library. I would love to be a librarian someday (but there are toooo many numbers and dewy decimal thingys) I picked up Stephen Colbert's new book I am American (and you can too) I have high hopes for reading an entire adult book, I can barely make it through a magazine. We'll see. Baylor got some brand spankin new library books, he was the first to check them out ( I actually picked them out for him because he was too busy with the gigantic stuffed moose) We have to spice up bedtime and naptime stories or mama gets bored. Hooray for the library.

Happy Mama day to me

We had a great mother's day. I got wine and an ice cream cake (because I always whine for my birthday but DQ is closed in January!) and a lovely card. Plus, I got to go shopping ALONE (well, without kiddos) with my mom and got myself a new swimming suit and flip flops. I'm all set for I need to loose some flab and get tan!! Woo hoo.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words....

...okay, then what words come to mind when you see this cute little tush? I can't figure out what the heck he's doing, but I stopped laughing long enough to shoot this photo. Man what I wouldn't give for a tush like that again.
We had some pudding today if you couldn't tell.... he may say please and thank you, but we're still working on the smearing pudding on your face at the dinner table thing.
This is not the face of a sick kid....eating some nummy noodles. He learned how to suck the noodles today (I learned when I was six months) he slurps like a champ. I will challenge anyone to a noodle slurping contest any day.

Well it looks like he's on the mend. The sores and blisters have gone down and he is eating better today. Not much fun though, wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Baylor seems okay, but I was told that the incubation period is about six days...soooooo looks like we'll lay low for a while. I swear we've watched Chicken Little about seventy times today (well, just twice) and read every book downstairs, played dinosaurs and cars and dinosaur cars. We did venture out to a few garage sales this morning where we picked up some great P.J's for Brody and a sweet bench for me :) Baylor got "ONE" toy (that must be approved by the mama prior to purchase) and he picked out a little bag of dinosaurs and cars for a whopping .25....excellent choice son. Those lasted about three hours and then it was back to playing with his pile of rocks. I kid you not, the child has about three large rocks that he is mesmerized by, takes everywhere and could play with for hours. What is it with boys and rocks?
Here we have the great naked race. We have nekkid time before baths....not the most modest family in the world, but kids deserve a little nekkid time. Adults deserve nekkid time too, but that might scare the neighbors.
So this is also my most favorite time of year (besides fall) because I have three huge lilac bushes in my backyard (a major selling point for me) Lilacs are my favorite flower and I even decorated my room in them (bedspread and all) when I was a kid (and believe me, I was not a flowery kind of child) I have them all over my house in vases and they smell spectacular. I wish they lasted longer, they only last about two days in a vase and about two weeks on the bush. Baylor and I picked some for Millie our neighbor and brought them over yesterday. She said those lilac bushes have been there for over 100 years. Pretty cool.
So tomorrow is the big day. Once again, a holiday such as Valentines day that should be celebrated EVERYDAY. That's right, it's mother's day. I hope all of you mother's out there enjoy yourselves, take a break, get pampered, get hugs, calls and cards from your kids and hubbys. I actually think Lonnie has something up his sleeve (which by the way is the first time he's actually remembered ahead of time for a major celebration including anniversaries and birthdays) All I want is to sleep all night long, without a crying baby and I want Brody to feel better soon.....okay, and maybe some new sandals but who's counting anyway. I already have the most wonderful two gifts in the world, my two punks :) and a wonderful husband to boot. I'm so proud of him and how hard he works so I can stay home with these two punks. THAT is the best mother's day gift!
HAPPY MAMA DAY (tomorrow!) Wishing Granny K, Grandma Lala and Grandma M.E a very happy mama day.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Insert hand, foot and mouth

Seriously. Could my kids get any sicker when Lonnie is away? Yep, you guessed it....well, you probably didn't guess it, but I will tell ya. Brody, the poor baby, has hand, foot and mouth disease. It sounds much worse than it is, but of course, I'm acting like we have Ebola. Not to be confused with hoof and mouth disease, that is for bovines and things with hooves...we don't have hooves, or at least last time I checked we didn't. He developed weird blister/zit looking things all over his hands, foot and inside his mouth. I couldn't understand why he wasn't eating (this also explains the amazingly cranky clingyness) and was waking up and just crying for hours at night. It's transferred by moisture droplets (sneezing, drooling, coughing) and poo. I thought he was having an allergic reaction to his antibiotic for his ears, but it turns out that we have this junk instead. It's also contagious when you have no idea you have I made some phone calls this morning.....sounded like this...

Me: Hello, I'm so sorry my son has hand, foot and mouth disease and I think he (insert one) drooled, spit, sneezed, coughed, tried to eat or flung poo (not really) in your child's general vicinity. So if they get a mild fever and develop strange blisters on their hands, mouth and feet a few days later, you can pretty much blame us. Once again, so so sorry.

The other mom's were so understanding and said stuff like that happens. I still feel awful.

I'm pretty sure Lonnie has it too in his mouth and throat, because since I have me Google m.d licence, I checked him out this morning. So the bumps showed up yesterday afternoon and cover his legs, a few on his feet and hands and some inside of his mouth. I feel awful, I just want to make him better and there is no antibiotic for it. It's a virus and all you can do is give them pain relievers and cold milk things. So we headed to Gary's and stocked up on orange dream bars, yogurt, tapioca pudding, jello and bananas. I've also bleached everything in my house, so much so that it smells like a swimming pool when you walk in the door. Since Brody puts every single thing in his mouth, I don't even know where to start. He tried to eat Macey yesterday, maybe I should bathe her.... I know Baylor will get it sooner or later because he drank out of Brody's cups yesterday. SWEET. It is supposed to last 7-10 days, so it looks like we might be camping out here at home for a very very long time....but we're used to that :) Oh yes, did I mention Lonnie gone all weekend too? We can handle it, we do it all the time, but it stinks. I just want Brody to feel better and Baylor not to get sick. The only plus is that if you get it once you usually don't get it again. It has been going around our church, but the funny thing is we haven't had any contact with the kids that had it for about three weeks if not longer. Weird. I don't even care at this point where we got it, there is no sense pointing fingers (I will choose the park....nasty germs there) because that it a pretty immature thing to do and you can't do anything about it. Germs are everywhere darn it.
So your prayers for my kiddos are much appreciated, and maybe for my sanity and sleep deprivation. Just another joy of motherhood...ahh, sigh :) Speaking of motherhood...I haven't even gotten my mom a mother's day present yet...geesh, I'm bad. She deserves more than I could ever get her, amazing is a word that I would use to describe her in a second. LOVE YOU MOM (I promise I'll get you something when this crap rolls over)

Enjoy your weekend, steer clear of us (we put a little black flag outside the door) just kidding. Don't forget to CALL/EMAIL/WRITE/HUG/KISS or all of the above your mama. Even if she bugs you or you don't have a good relationship, she pushed a pork loin through a straw (that would be a gross reference to childbirth...sorry) so at least she deserves a hug. You wouldn't be here without her!!!

okay, gonna lay down for a second, I'm sure Brody will be up soon.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Where's my toy?

I know it's in here somewhere.....if I can just reach.....

...wait...almost got it....just a little bit.....eeeerrrrr


I'm sure I'll think of something

....serious case of bloggers block right now. Must be the lack of sleep...or the extreme sensitivity to cold things on my tooth....or maybe the screaming children...yea, that's it....screaming children. I'll report back when I can make you might be a while.....

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Punch card at the Doctor

Frequent flyer ear infection punch card. Have nine, tenth visit free? Yup. Brody has an ear infection and I'm REALLY really glad. Why, you ask? Antibiotics. Hopefully fast healing. I've had him glued to me for the past 72 hours...seriously. I've had to pee with him sitting on my lap because he won't let me sit him down. One handed cooking, cleaning and most everything. I hope it's because of his ears, I'm not quite sure what to do if it's not. Baylor, despite the fact that he never slept either, was a great baby. He played by himself and sill does. He sits and reads forever and has such a creative imagination that today I caught him playing with the Tylenol bottle, baby ibuprofen bottle and ear drop bottle. They were his "family" and he was talking with them and playing for about a half hour. I just sat and stared in amazement (actually I didn't sit, I haven't done that all day) Anyways, I hope this antibiotic helps. It's in the cephelexin family, in which Baylor and myself are both allergic too. Fingers crossed Brody doesn't have an allergic reaction. It's supposed to be the best for infections though.

Enough with this sickness already! It's May, not sickness season!!!!

So even though Brody has been feeling icky, he still managed to make me laugh today. This kid is going to be our drama king and dancing maniac. He dances to anything that has a the toaster oven, the breast pump (kid you not) and of course random music throughout the house. I'll try to upload a video that I captured of him dancing, but you now how Satan...ummm, I mean my computer likes to behave.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

You nose is like a valcano...

Says Baylor to Lonnie this morning. Ha! At least it's not mine this time. Yup, Lonnie has caught our junk. Sorry dude.

It was gorgeous today. Baylor asked what gorgeous meant and I said, "gorgeous, just like your mom" And a princess, don't ever forget that son. Gorgeous indeed. So nice that decided that I couldn't miss out on family porch playing time, so I pumped (breast that is) on the porch. Yup. Got the good ole breast pump down from the bathroom, plugged it into the porch outlet and watched the boys play with their dad. This may be too much information for some of you, but you got to do what you got to do. I was covered...don't worry! Lisbon does not need to see any boobies...they already get to see translucent legs.

And I digress......

I was a very productive lady today. Got up at the butt crack of dawn thanks to Brody man, I'm pretty sure he has an ear infection. I'm waiting just a little bit longer to take him to the Dr. I think we need a frequent visitor punch card there or maybe our own parking space. Anyways, stuck my head under the coffee couldn't come out fast enough. Checked to see if Lonnie was alive (he had a fever last night) He was indeed still breathing....and snoring. Okay....productivity...mowed the lawn, mulched the hostas, scrubbed and painted the porch floor, laundry, dishes (lonnie helped with those..thanks sweet cheeks) and more laundry. Brody took another thirty minute nap this afternoon, I'm totally blaming the ears, otherwise I'm going to go bonkers pretty soon....and yes, still waking up at least once a night. (But hey, better than twice) blaming that on ears too.

It's going to storm soon. Thunderstorms in spring and summer are pretty much my favorite thing. They rank right up there with new baby smell, chocolate and bubble baths. The distant rumble of thunder, the breeze through the windows and the smell of wet concrete. LOVE IT. I am going to finish this day sitting in my white porch rockers (which I salvaged from the street corner by the way) and sipping a nice glass of....uh, water. Thanks Lord for the beautiful day, I really needed it!.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Rex Part Deux..the finished product!

Here is the finished "Rex Rides Again."

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rex rides again

Just starting after the freezing wind and rain. It was still a bit on the chilly side (hence the hippie hat) but the sun finally came out and warmed it up a bit.

Here they are....SOME....of the The Chalk the Walk photos. Hold on to your hats. Rex Rides Again. (this may take a while..the computer is being, "naughty" as Baylor says" ) I'll try to get more later when my computer is not being satan.

Here is the beginning phase. The power ranger kickboard is for my knees.
This is Rex after day one. Lookin okay, but needing some major help.

15 hours total chalking time...woo hoo! I'm beat, sunburned and sore from laying on asphalt all day, but it was so much fun and totally worth it. I will have a better plan next year (the mental pictures in my head got fuzzy after a while)...and maybe someone to help me. I thought it turned out okay, but I'm pretty critical of my own art. I did however receive some, "oh, an alligator on a go-cart, " and " a dragon on a lawn mower." Ummmmm no. Don't you know your dinosaurs? Needless to say, all of the children that walked by (and there were a ton) knew exactly what it was. (He even had a licence plate that said REX...hello mom and dad!!) It was a huge hit with the boys. Baylor was thrilled to, he even got to help out a little bit. There were so many talented and amazing artists there, it was great just to be a part of it.

Lonnie got his first taste of more than a few hours with the boys. I would like to mention for the record that I did receive a... " I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU DO IT." let me say it again....

"I don't know how you do it."
That's right. Straight from the Daddy's mouth. He did a great job, the house was still standing and in not too bad of shape when I got home. Brody took a twenty minute nap for him (so it's not just me!) and Baylor was great (as he always is for dad) It was good for him to be with both of them and great for me to have a break.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Me and the boyz

Yo. Just me and boyz. Hanging. Chillin. Keeping it cool. Shootin some bball outside of the school.....actually just hanging at the mall with the Jr. high kids. (we went to the indoor play area, or should I say germapalooza)

Okay. Sorry. I'm really white. REALLY legs have a neonish glow. I wore shorts to the mall and people stared and then shielded their eyes. Run away!!!

Snot subsiding. Sinus infection....maybe? Can't bend over (which is REALLY BAD) considering the fact that I have to bend over to chalk the walk tomorrow and Sunday. I can't tell yet if it's from the drilled on tooth or the fact that there is major amounts of snot stuck in my sinus cavities. We'll see. Only fever will tell I guess. Next cold, I'm investing in Puffs with nose is soooo red and raw from blowing.

Baylor and Brody are feeling better. They are playing together so much better, which warms my heart. I actually had fun at the mall with them, by myself!!! Baylor was great, no crying or whining. We only stood in front of the electric train (oops, sorry no money...hate it when that happens) for about thirty minutes. We "ate out" of the diaper bag. A lovely spread it was. PB and J, banana, cheeze-its, pears and carrots...yum yum. Then we totally went all out and got ice cream...actually frozen sorbet and white chocolate mousse for me. We sat on a bench and dined on our frozen delights while we watched people....and fat kids. Seriously. I apologize if I hurt any feelings, but what is America coming to? God created our wonderful bodies as temples and we as Americans are turning the temples into McDonalds. I don't think I saw a child that wasn't obese, except for the toddlers and babies. We do have a problem here. Yes, I was sitting there eating ice cream, point taken. I saw it the other day when we were at the park and a plumper grade school kid was coughing and sputtering and finally yelled, "stop kicking the ball at me, I don't like to run" Sad. Turn off those video games, t.v and get outside and move your booty. Climb a tree, walk around the block, mow your lawn...C'mon little dudes, you're going to have a heart attack when you're twenty. We as parents need to take control of what goes in the kiddos mouths and what they choose to do for activity. I am so blessed that my mom would take us hiking, biking, swimming, roller skating, you name it. We weren't allowed to watch t.v, or only in moderation and so was Lonnie as a kid. Now that the weather is nicer, the boob tube is on vacation. There are however many exceptions to this rule: 1. cranky toddlers who just need some chill time with Elmo 2. Sick mamas that can't move and need to just lay there while Bob and Larry soothe the babe 3. Good quality shows that actually teach something and are educational. Okay, I will step down from the soap box.

Anyhoo. It's supposed to rain off and on tomorrow and be fifty...brrrr. I am hoping I can lay down my outline for my masterpiece and then run home, put Brody down for a nap, run back, fill in some big parts, run home, eat lunch, help mom, put boys down for naps, run back, do some more chalking.....all of this avoiding rain and wind. Our brass band is playing at 1pm on Sunday, so for all of you local folk that want to enjoy some good music and art, head on down. I'm playing the flugel horn instead of my cornet, super excited (something a band nerd would only get excited about) Hurrah.

Spell check...ZERO wrong! Take that!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My snot runneth over

Ugh. Sick. I said I would take it like a woman, but this sucks. I feel like there is a vice grip on my sinues and head, along with a drippy nose and migraine. Oh yes, how could I forget the tooth they drilled on this cold beverages for me today. I'm so doped up on sudafed and Advil that I feel like I've visited la la land and back. Lonnie caught me putting chap stick on my nose this morning because it is so chapped form blowing. On a positive note, I don't have to have a root canal...YET...he just filled the cavity and said to watch it. I know both boys still don't feel good. When Baylor asks to go take a nap at know he feels crappy too. Ugh. Lonnie gone again this weekend...track almost done....hooray.

Tonight is band night, on any other regular day I'd be happy to go, but I feel miserable. I can't miss two weeks in a row or they get all grumpy on me. Plus, I'm the librarian and we have a board meeting. Fun times.

It's May Day though. Baylor and his friend Ellie made...or more like ate all the stuff for our May baskets. We delivered them this morning, taught Baylor how to ding dong and ditch. He thought it was hilarious. I have great memories of my mom and brother and I all running around our neighborhood with our May baskets. Lonnie has never heard of them and once again made fun of us. Must be a northern thing.

Anyhoo, Brody man is screaming after his 45 minutes of least it was 45 and not 20. Happy May Day.