Friday, May 30, 2008

Alfalfa anyone?

When you wait a week and a few days to mow your lawn (reason being missing husband and torrential downpours at all hours of the day) it gets pretty L O N G. Like, welcome to the jungle long. We....wait, let me rephrase...I, mowed the lawn tonight for my workout and now I'm pretty sure we could feed a small heard of cattle with the trimmings from the grass. I might bale it tomorrow and sell it on the street corner to the locals.

Lonnie did take the day off today...and it killed him. I could sense it in his eyes and see it in his body movements, he kept walking to the door and looking at the car (planning his means of escape I think) He works too hard and it drives him nuts to know that he has stuff to do. He does love playing with the boys though and he's so good at it. Unfortunately he takes his frustration out on me and everything seems to be my fault today. The grass......the mower problem......the name it, It's my fault. Don't you love it when you say, "What's wrong honey?" and he replies "NOTHING!" and slams the door. Riiiight, sure, you betcha, nothin is wrong. Grrrrrrrr

So the sleeping in the same room dealio is still ironing itself out. I know it will get better, but Brody still has his moments of crying jags in the middle of the night and likes to wake his brother up at the wee hours of the morning. It's good for them (not the getting up early part...not good for me either!) to share a room. It will get better.

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Anonymous said...

Well, have you seen that house on Market Street? Please, sista? You could lose a small child in that mess! But I am not about to go mow it, yanno? I don't own or live there anymore!
I hope that Mr. Speidel gets a good dose of relaxation and stuff. I know what you mean, mine hates doing "nothing"...which "nothing" is what I love to do sometimes.