Saturday, May 17, 2008

Black, white and the rock stealer

Yum. Nothing like a nice mouth full of chalk. He's a sneaky little dude.

Hmmmmm, this nice orange cup looks perfect to fill with sand and dump over your head dear brother. (and that's what he did right after I shot this photo)

So I stayed up late.....really late. Painted, cut, trimmed, cleaned, and laid tiles all day and night. I was totally stoked to show Lonnie my latest project that I even waited until he came home (at 11pm) to reveal the mudroom to him.....and all I got was, "black and white? You used black and white?" What I was hoping to hear was, "wow dear, it looks awesome and thanks for sacrificing your entire day and all of your energy to make our house look better, I love it, way to go." Ummmm nope. Totally shot down, deflated and my poor little ego trampled upon. I guess I had more of an artistic vision (used black and white tiles like a barber shop) than the man of the house. Okay mister, next time you get to paint. I still think it looks sweet, kind of funky, but it's a mudroom and anything is better than what it was before. It kind of resembles an old school barber shop, but hey, I'm the barber in this house now all I need is a barber's chair. The paint color was called translucent, it looked calming. I want to be the person who names paint colors. I'd have a baby line with names like Breast Milk Poo, Strained Carrots, Yellow Snot and Tylenol Red. All of these colors I am very familiar with...mostly smeared or stained on something I own.

Fun times....naked again....with a strategically placed smiley over the donker.

So last night was pretty rough. Brody man, who seems to be coming down with every illness there is, was coughing and sputtering. Then he starts to wail at 11.....and cries for about an hour off and on....and then starts blabbling and gurgling and kicking his legs and I swear he was laughing....for another hour....and then crying again. He was up for three hours straight. He wouldn't eat, wouldn't let me hold him, just cried. I'm stumped. I need sleep, he needs sleep and I have this motherly feeling that something isn't right. I thought it was his reflux so I gave him his reflux medicine in which he promptly threw back up all over me. It was like someone gave him crack. I've never seen him act this way at night before. I just want to make it better and kind of feel helpless right now...helpless and sleepless.

On a positive note, Lonnie and I actually got to go on a date tonight. It was spur of the moment and much needed. We hadn't been out alone since February. Ah, adult conversation and I didn't have to cook. We went out to dinner and then cruised the mall. Lonnie got some new flip flops and I got a few new shirts...yes, NEW!!! Doing our best to stimulate the economy, you know? We dropped the boys of with the grandparents and they were great. Brody didn't cry and Baylor didn't hurt Brody. So Baylor has been obsessed with rocks lately...really big and heavy rocks. He carries one around with him everywhere and leaves rocks that he finds all over the house. When we were leaving the restaurant, we spotted some landscaping around the building with big rocks. Lonnie and I looked at each other and then he dove out of the car and went stealth rock stealing. Baylor was thrilled. Who knew a stolen rock would provide such pleasure and happiness. No more toys for that kid, it's rocks, boxes and sticks for his birthday.


Kim said...

I love the tiles (I begged for those very tiles for my bedroom for go). And I hear you about the rocks. Josiah tries to take them from every landscaped business or yard we get near. He gets especially excited if they have fossils in them. Why do we spend money on toys?

Miranda said...

Hahaha, hey, I picked up a ton of rocks the other day at my inlaws, I shoulda saveds some! Who woulda thought?
I love your retro diner looking mudroom. It's awesome! Poo on the tile haters! ;)