Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hey, it could be worse. A little chocolate pudding never hurt anyone. We're still mastering the art of silverware use age (and failing quite miserably as you can see) I'll give him credit though, he was trying to eat pudding with a fork...only a skill mastered by Jedi knights. Gosh, he's cute isn't he? He's happy. He's smiling. He's eating. All good things. Who cares if it's pudding!!!
Well lets see....Brody man. Has another strange illness...or teething. I'm hoping it's teeth. He had a 102 fever this morning and then again this afternoon. He was super cranky and wanted to be held (yes, even when mom had to pee...can add that to list of things done while peeing....balancing checkbook, reading, eating dinner, holding Brody) I live for multitasking. I just want a healthy kiddo....and a healthy one that sleeps would be nice too.
So I got all ambitious and starting yet another project. I started it and then with the help of our lovely former landscaping pole-vaulting assistant track coach neighbor and Lonnie, finished it. What was it you ask? A stone walkway using the old stone from our basement. It's pretty sweet and it goes to the mailbox, so when I walk out looking like a truck just hit me in my workout pants and red crocs, I won't get my tootsies wet. I'll post a photo later.
Lonnie is gone tonight...and tomorrow...and Friday....TRACK IS ALMOST DONE. So excited about that. I give multiple high fives to those mamas who have to deal with hubbies that are MIA a lot. I will be so glad to have him back on weekends.....actually just have him back all the time. My mom came up tonight and helped with the punks and then we shared my mother's day wine on the porch and watched the local crazies drive by on their lawnmowers. Fun times.
Alrighty, American Idol time (another guilty pleasure) my vote is for David Cook, true talent.

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Miranda said...

I am voting for DC too! Way to reuse, reduce, recycle, lady. I will have to go by and look at your walk when I am being the school bus.