Monday, May 12, 2008

Gimme a S, Gimme a L and E E P !!!

What does that spell? S L E E P. ( I know you're probably sick of hearing about this, but it's all that consumes me lately)

Yes. That is what I need. Not just a few hours...I'm talking about uninterrupted, restorative, REM, deep beautification sleep. I'm pretty sure Brody man is all better, but just to be sure, we gave him Tylenol before bed to help with any pain left from his mouth sores. He ate well, was bathed and was fast asleep by 7:14. I'm going to sleep downstairs so I don't cave in and get him (Lonnie can sleep through a freight train outside of his window) and Lonnie can actually sleep in his bed for once. I already know what will happen.....12:46am Brody starts screaming....and screaming....and more high pitched girl freaked out by mouse screaming....and Lonnie does wake up...and I wake up....and stumble up the stairs.....make him a bottle (yea, almost done nursing...hooray...well, not hooray for my poor pancakes...or more like tennis balls in sorry,....hello push up bra....sorry,I'll stop now) he'll then wake up again four hours later...screaming. NOOOOO make it stop. It's got to start sometime soon...the sleeping through the night that is.

So the Bachelor is on tonight. Another silly reality show, but so addicting...especially the British dude. I just want to hear him talk, that's all. I hope he picks Chelsea (but seriously, how can really get to know someone in that short of time and actually propose?) The blond is well...a blond. I'm excited that there is going to be another Bachelorette though. Poor Diana, she kind of got the shaft on the last show, she deserves to be drooled on by 25 hunkalicious dudes. Enough t.v talk for now.

So I got some good mom alone time yesterday and decided to buy a new swimming suit. I didn't want a "mom" suit but something cute with enough coverage. As luck would have it the one I liked the best was on the clearance rack for 8 bucks...whoo whoo. I tried on tons though....and if you think I'm going to post a photo you are SADLY mistaken. I can however give you a mental picture...think Victoria Secret runway model....and then add a nice one piece white suit with big black flowers on it and a halter top....and there you go..that's what it looks like and of course that's what I look like (RIIIIIIIGHT) I can always dream can't I? I did try on some two pieces but then scared myself in the mirror and decided against it. As traumatic as it was, I was pleased with the outcome. Now it's on to the tan.

Went to the library today. I love the library. I would love to be a librarian someday (but there are toooo many numbers and dewy decimal thingys) I picked up Stephen Colbert's new book I am American (and you can too) I have high hopes for reading an entire adult book, I can barely make it through a magazine. We'll see. Baylor got some brand spankin new library books, he was the first to check them out ( I actually picked them out for him because he was too busy with the gigantic stuffed moose) We have to spice up bedtime and naptime stories or mama gets bored. Hooray for the library.


Crazy Mom said...

I have a little love for Stephen Colbert...Just a little Crush! (okay, I think he's hotter than any bachelor or Patrick Dempsey, but I'm weird and like the quirky geeky guys!).

You'll have to let me know how the books is. It's on my To Read list this summer--I'm hoping to average a book every 10 days.

We'll see.

Miranda said...

Yay for mom time!
I am reading the first book I've read in over a year, too. Well, scratch that. I am almost finishing a book. I have started many, but this one is almost a DONE deal!
I am glad you found a suit. That's awesome. I hate suit shopping. And I need a tan, too. Lmao at your pancake reference.