Friday, May 9, 2008

Insert hand, foot and mouth

Seriously. Could my kids get any sicker when Lonnie is away? Yep, you guessed it....well, you probably didn't guess it, but I will tell ya. Brody, the poor baby, has hand, foot and mouth disease. It sounds much worse than it is, but of course, I'm acting like we have Ebola. Not to be confused with hoof and mouth disease, that is for bovines and things with hooves...we don't have hooves, or at least last time I checked we didn't. He developed weird blister/zit looking things all over his hands, foot and inside his mouth. I couldn't understand why he wasn't eating (this also explains the amazingly cranky clingyness) and was waking up and just crying for hours at night. It's transferred by moisture droplets (sneezing, drooling, coughing) and poo. I thought he was having an allergic reaction to his antibiotic for his ears, but it turns out that we have this junk instead. It's also contagious when you have no idea you have I made some phone calls this morning.....sounded like this...

Me: Hello, I'm so sorry my son has hand, foot and mouth disease and I think he (insert one) drooled, spit, sneezed, coughed, tried to eat or flung poo (not really) in your child's general vicinity. So if they get a mild fever and develop strange blisters on their hands, mouth and feet a few days later, you can pretty much blame us. Once again, so so sorry.

The other mom's were so understanding and said stuff like that happens. I still feel awful.

I'm pretty sure Lonnie has it too in his mouth and throat, because since I have me Google m.d licence, I checked him out this morning. So the bumps showed up yesterday afternoon and cover his legs, a few on his feet and hands and some inside of his mouth. I feel awful, I just want to make him better and there is no antibiotic for it. It's a virus and all you can do is give them pain relievers and cold milk things. So we headed to Gary's and stocked up on orange dream bars, yogurt, tapioca pudding, jello and bananas. I've also bleached everything in my house, so much so that it smells like a swimming pool when you walk in the door. Since Brody puts every single thing in his mouth, I don't even know where to start. He tried to eat Macey yesterday, maybe I should bathe her.... I know Baylor will get it sooner or later because he drank out of Brody's cups yesterday. SWEET. It is supposed to last 7-10 days, so it looks like we might be camping out here at home for a very very long time....but we're used to that :) Oh yes, did I mention Lonnie gone all weekend too? We can handle it, we do it all the time, but it stinks. I just want Brody to feel better and Baylor not to get sick. The only plus is that if you get it once you usually don't get it again. It has been going around our church, but the funny thing is we haven't had any contact with the kids that had it for about three weeks if not longer. Weird. I don't even care at this point where we got it, there is no sense pointing fingers (I will choose the park....nasty germs there) because that it a pretty immature thing to do and you can't do anything about it. Germs are everywhere darn it.
So your prayers for my kiddos are much appreciated, and maybe for my sanity and sleep deprivation. Just another joy of motherhood...ahh, sigh :) Speaking of motherhood...I haven't even gotten my mom a mother's day present yet...geesh, I'm bad. She deserves more than I could ever get her, amazing is a word that I would use to describe her in a second. LOVE YOU MOM (I promise I'll get you something when this crap rolls over)

Enjoy your weekend, steer clear of us (we put a little black flag outside the door) just kidding. Don't forget to CALL/EMAIL/WRITE/HUG/KISS or all of the above your mama. Even if she bugs you or you don't have a good relationship, she pushed a pork loin through a straw (that would be a gross reference to childbirth...sorry) so at least she deserves a hug. You wouldn't be here without her!!!

okay, gonna lay down for a second, I'm sure Brody will be up soon.


Miranda said...

Awww, you poor thing. You sound just emotionaly HAD!
We've seen a lot of this when I was working in the daycare/preschool.All it takes is a sneeze or touching a doorknob at Walmart...who knows how it gets around, yanno?
Lots of hugs for you cuz you sound stressed out! I hope the little dude(s) heal fast!

Kim said...

Oh yuck, I'm sorry you're dealing with this now. Part of me wants to come over and let Josiah go ahead and get it so we get it over with and part of me is scared I'll get my kid sick and then go into labor and have to hand him over to someone...guess that would be a good test of friendships! Let us know if we can bring you anything.