Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just being a brother

Hey, who put that beanbag in my P.J's?

...fast forward five seconds....Baylor holding Brody's head into carpet.

.....and then pulling him by his pant legs around the floor.

The spankin spoon got plenty of use today (must be the weather) but so did the camera. Naughtiness was in the air big time.

Husband envy. I have self-diagnosed husband envy. Why, you ask? Well, I shall explain. Sooooo we used some of our stimulus check money to buy Lonnie a membership at a Gym. You may be asking yourself, "why does a man who works in a fitness center with a brand new track and weight room, need a gym membership?" Believe me, I'm asking that same question too. No, I do understand, who would want to work out in the place you work and spend most of your waking hours? I'm proud of him for working out, I'm just very jealous that he gets to leave the house AND leave to work out. Sigh. Oh, so jealous. My workouts lately have included lifting Baylor off of Brody, lifting Brody away from splashing in the toilet and lifting a cookie to my mouth. Grrrrrr.

Baylor required a lot of my brain today. He was in rare form. So I've got nothin for ya. Sorry. Tomorrow is another day. Hopefully less exhausting and far less bootie spankin than today. I feel the need to apologize to Baylor's kindergarten teachers right now. Sorry.


Crazy Mom said...

Our boys fight all the time. So now it's funny to make them sit on the stairs, hold hands, and look at each other for five minutes. They HATE it, bit I don't have to scream so much. Holding hands with brothers is ICKY!!

Anonymous said...

Oh no!! I think I have had that same week with my boy. And I am constantly apologizing to his Kindy teacher!
WTG Lonnie!
You should come to CR and walk the trails with me? Bring the boys! I'll bring my kids and we'll have a crazy circus in the woods!