Sunday, May 25, 2008

Just fishin'

Splashing in the water. Brrrrrrrrr

He's really excited, I mean REALLY excited about the BIG ROCK he just threw in the water.

Look twins.

Playing in the water at Lake MacBride and loving it. Pretty scary how much he looks like his dad.

Me and my boy Brody man. I'd just like to point out my nice arm muscles for self esteem pumping reasons. I've been working out....or more like lifting Brody.

Lonnie and Baylor on the dock getting ready to "fish" for the first time!

Too bad you can't catch a fish with a big rubber stopper...but we haven't told Baylor yet. I caught my first fish on a snoopy pole, it was a ten pound catfish and broke the pole in half. Next time we might add a hook yet...not until he's 14.

No better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon that throwing rocks, fishin and splashing in the very cold water. We had a pre-memorial day picnic with Colonel Sanders (whom Baylor proclaimed looked like Grandpa...not sure which one though) at my parents house. We headed over to Lake MacBride and Baylor brought his new prized possession.....his fishin' pole. What we haven't told him yet is that the big black safety plug on the end really isn't going to catch him any fish, it will just protect his little brother from bodily harm...for now. He got more of a thrill throwing rocks in the water and Brody couldn't contain himself and practically leaped out of my arms to get into the lake. It looks like we're going have a swimmer folks. The cold water didn't stop him, he plunged right in and splashed around until his water logged diaper made him a tad uncomfortable. I'm glad we're going to invest in a season pool pass for the summer so both boys can splash to their hearts desire. That boy could have thrown rocks in all day long. Baylor loved spending time with his daddy (who is currently sleeping beside him because he wouldn't let Lonnie leave)
We've had a lot of storms today because of the heat and humidity. They haven't hit us here in Lisbon yet, but there was a huge tornado up near Parkersburg. It practically leveled the town of just 1,000. Six people have been killed so far and many in the hospital. They say it is one of Iowa's largest tornadoes ever. Our prayers go out to them and their families. I went around the house looking for candles and flashlights to prepare if the electricity goes out. I found the candles but Baylor has hidden all of our flashlights somewhere. He uses them to look at his bugs. Looks like we might be making a trip to the store tonight. We have a cellar that is pretty sturdy for a house that is over a hundred year old, but it's also never seen a tornado. That would be our, "safe place" if we were to have a tornado. Storms at night always scare me because you can't see what is happening around you.
So track is over and tomorrow is Memorial day. One would think that a certain someone would stay home with his family after being gone for four days...hmmmmm He is such a hard worker, almost too hard sometimes. I am looking forward to this summer when his traveling slows down and his schedule is less hectic. I know he is too...or at least I think he is. I can't talk though. I never sit down and am always doing something and thinking about all the things that need to get done. My mind races all the time, that's why I have such a hard time winding down and falling asleep. And y'all know how much I value sleep!!!
Last night was our third try with the boys in the same room. It was a rough start, but it ended up well....early, but well. Both were wide awake at six in the morning. Brody only cried once (after falling asleep ) and it was a quick wail and then back to sleep. He was just settling in to a deeper sleep. It's about freakin time kid!!! I can handle the early mornings if he sleeps all night. I think they'll eventually love sharing a room and end up in the same bed when they're older.

Oh yea, forgot to tell you that magically our dishwasher started working again. I'm not going to ask any questions.

Well, I'd better finish this post before the storm hits or I'll lose all of my magical words, run on sentences and bad spelling forever. Yet a subtle reminder of why I draw.

Happy Memorial day!

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