Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lookie I can feed myself...kind of

That's right, I'm adorable. What's that you say? You want my number?

Oh yes, I can feed myself....kind of. If mashing it around my face constitutes as feeding myself.

HEY! Pull my finger!

So I planted my tomatoes today. Roma, Better Boy and some yellow kind (forgot the name) I always go overboard and plant too many and end up with boatloads of tomatoes. I make a really kick butt salsa though. Baylor and I went to the greenhouse this morning and much to my surprise he was wonderful. Last year when we went, we both ended up in tears in the parking lot. He ran away from me and hid and did naughty things, but this year he was awesome. My little punk is growing up! He has a bad cough and he sounds like he's going through puberty at age two because his voice is so raspy and low. Poor dude. Once again, we can't seem to stay healthy for more than two days.

My darling husband also fixed our weed eater....only took a year and a half! We had some mighty long jungle looking grass growing everywhere and he was like a mad man trimming tonight. He is gone Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and possibly Saturday for Nationals. I am bummed, but know that the end is near. He only has a few trips for recruiting and D1 Nationals in June. THE END IS NEAR!! I will have my husband back again! I think I might play hookie from band so I don't have to get a sitter (shhhh) and the season finale of Grey's Anatomy is on. We'll see. I love band because I am a big huge ginormous nerd. (did you know that ginormous is actually a word? Who would have thunk?)

Shower time, I smell like gasoline and grass...yum.

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