Friday, May 2, 2008

Me and the boyz

Yo. Just me and boyz. Hanging. Chillin. Keeping it cool. Shootin some bball outside of the school.....actually just hanging at the mall with the Jr. high kids. (we went to the indoor play area, or should I say germapalooza)

Okay. Sorry. I'm really white. REALLY legs have a neonish glow. I wore shorts to the mall and people stared and then shielded their eyes. Run away!!!

Snot subsiding. Sinus infection....maybe? Can't bend over (which is REALLY BAD) considering the fact that I have to bend over to chalk the walk tomorrow and Sunday. I can't tell yet if it's from the drilled on tooth or the fact that there is major amounts of snot stuck in my sinus cavities. We'll see. Only fever will tell I guess. Next cold, I'm investing in Puffs with nose is soooo red and raw from blowing.

Baylor and Brody are feeling better. They are playing together so much better, which warms my heart. I actually had fun at the mall with them, by myself!!! Baylor was great, no crying or whining. We only stood in front of the electric train (oops, sorry no money...hate it when that happens) for about thirty minutes. We "ate out" of the diaper bag. A lovely spread it was. PB and J, banana, cheeze-its, pears and carrots...yum yum. Then we totally went all out and got ice cream...actually frozen sorbet and white chocolate mousse for me. We sat on a bench and dined on our frozen delights while we watched people....and fat kids. Seriously. I apologize if I hurt any feelings, but what is America coming to? God created our wonderful bodies as temples and we as Americans are turning the temples into McDonalds. I don't think I saw a child that wasn't obese, except for the toddlers and babies. We do have a problem here. Yes, I was sitting there eating ice cream, point taken. I saw it the other day when we were at the park and a plumper grade school kid was coughing and sputtering and finally yelled, "stop kicking the ball at me, I don't like to run" Sad. Turn off those video games, t.v and get outside and move your booty. Climb a tree, walk around the block, mow your lawn...C'mon little dudes, you're going to have a heart attack when you're twenty. We as parents need to take control of what goes in the kiddos mouths and what they choose to do for activity. I am so blessed that my mom would take us hiking, biking, swimming, roller skating, you name it. We weren't allowed to watch t.v, or only in moderation and so was Lonnie as a kid. Now that the weather is nicer, the boob tube is on vacation. There are however many exceptions to this rule: 1. cranky toddlers who just need some chill time with Elmo 2. Sick mamas that can't move and need to just lay there while Bob and Larry soothe the babe 3. Good quality shows that actually teach something and are educational. Okay, I will step down from the soap box.

Anyhoo. It's supposed to rain off and on tomorrow and be fifty...brrrr. I am hoping I can lay down my outline for my masterpiece and then run home, put Brody down for a nap, run back, fill in some big parts, run home, eat lunch, help mom, put boys down for naps, run back, do some more chalking.....all of this avoiding rain and wind. Our brass band is playing at 1pm on Sunday, so for all of you local folk that want to enjoy some good music and art, head on down. I'm playing the flugel horn instead of my cornet, super excited (something a band nerd would only get excited about) Hurrah.

Spell check...ZERO wrong! Take that!


MamaMiller said...

I'm still undecided about chalking... and wanting to get some garage sales in too. We'll see how much chalking is actually accomplished this weekend!!! see you tomorrow... Hope you feel better :)

Crazy Mom said...

Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy keep my kids entertained too. They like hearing the quizzes on Jeopardy, and trying to guess the letters on WOF. Phonics and TV...SaWEET!