Thursday, May 1, 2008

My snot runneth over

Ugh. Sick. I said I would take it like a woman, but this sucks. I feel like there is a vice grip on my sinues and head, along with a drippy nose and migraine. Oh yes, how could I forget the tooth they drilled on this cold beverages for me today. I'm so doped up on sudafed and Advil that I feel like I've visited la la land and back. Lonnie caught me putting chap stick on my nose this morning because it is so chapped form blowing. On a positive note, I don't have to have a root canal...YET...he just filled the cavity and said to watch it. I know both boys still don't feel good. When Baylor asks to go take a nap at know he feels crappy too. Ugh. Lonnie gone again this weekend...track almost done....hooray.

Tonight is band night, on any other regular day I'd be happy to go, but I feel miserable. I can't miss two weeks in a row or they get all grumpy on me. Plus, I'm the librarian and we have a board meeting. Fun times.

It's May Day though. Baylor and his friend Ellie made...or more like ate all the stuff for our May baskets. We delivered them this morning, taught Baylor how to ding dong and ditch. He thought it was hilarious. I have great memories of my mom and brother and I all running around our neighborhood with our May baskets. Lonnie has never heard of them and once again made fun of us. Must be a northern thing.

Anyhoo, Brody man is screaming after his 45 minutes of least it was 45 and not 20. Happy May Day.


Crazy Mom said...

That blows that youre sick. At least you're not sitting thru a 15 hour internet teleconference to become some master of something lame in infancy and early childhood. Ugh!

My vote goes to you crashing on the couch and letting the boys watch some mooovies this weekend. REST! REST! REST! You're a great mom, and a few extra hours of Elmo can't hurt anyone, right?


Crazy Mom said...

PS: I'v at least heard of people doing May day baskets...almost like an urban legend or something....