Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My superman

Check out these pecs....solid.

More fun in the Speidel house......let me re-create the giggles....sorry for the shorthand, mucho tired.

Scene title: ROLLING POO.

Scene one: Yup, went to change Brody's diaper and he's like changing a rabid monkey and his poo just rolled right out...on to the floor ....yum. Break out sanitizer. Funny nonetheless. Who knew poo was so mobile.

Scene title: Superman

Scene two: Grandma Lila sends package of goodies including one superman P.J top with cape. Baylor won't take it off and runs around the house and yard being the one and only SUPERMAN!! He's my superman alright.

Scene title: Watch for falling rock.....or thrown rocks.

Scene three:

Mom: Hey, Baylor it's time to come inside for reading and naps.

Baylor: NOOooOOOooooOOOOOOOoo...picks up rock.....chucks at mom's head. The kid has great aim. Bulls eye.

Spankin spoon returns.

Scene title: The great wiener hunt and I ain't talking about hot dogs.....

Scene four: Bath time...Brody sees Baylor's donker for the first time....decides it looks like fun toy. Ouch. So Baylor grabs his netherparts and yells, "I'm hiding my pee pee!" Good idea.

Looking for some nice dirt to eat.


Crazy Mom said...

Who knew poo could be so versatile...roll it, fling it, smear it, eat get the drift!

Anonymous said...

Scene 4 is cracking me up. Hiding your junk is usually a wise idea.