Saturday, May 10, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words....

...okay, then what words come to mind when you see this cute little tush? I can't figure out what the heck he's doing, but I stopped laughing long enough to shoot this photo. Man what I wouldn't give for a tush like that again.
We had some pudding today if you couldn't tell.... he may say please and thank you, but we're still working on the smearing pudding on your face at the dinner table thing.
This is not the face of a sick kid....eating some nummy noodles. He learned how to suck the noodles today (I learned when I was six months) he slurps like a champ. I will challenge anyone to a noodle slurping contest any day.

Well it looks like he's on the mend. The sores and blisters have gone down and he is eating better today. Not much fun though, wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Baylor seems okay, but I was told that the incubation period is about six days...soooooo looks like we'll lay low for a while. I swear we've watched Chicken Little about seventy times today (well, just twice) and read every book downstairs, played dinosaurs and cars and dinosaur cars. We did venture out to a few garage sales this morning where we picked up some great P.J's for Brody and a sweet bench for me :) Baylor got "ONE" toy (that must be approved by the mama prior to purchase) and he picked out a little bag of dinosaurs and cars for a whopping .25....excellent choice son. Those lasted about three hours and then it was back to playing with his pile of rocks. I kid you not, the child has about three large rocks that he is mesmerized by, takes everywhere and could play with for hours. What is it with boys and rocks?
Here we have the great naked race. We have nekkid time before baths....not the most modest family in the world, but kids deserve a little nekkid time. Adults deserve nekkid time too, but that might scare the neighbors.
So this is also my most favorite time of year (besides fall) because I have three huge lilac bushes in my backyard (a major selling point for me) Lilacs are my favorite flower and I even decorated my room in them (bedspread and all) when I was a kid (and believe me, I was not a flowery kind of child) I have them all over my house in vases and they smell spectacular. I wish they lasted longer, they only last about two days in a vase and about two weeks on the bush. Baylor and I picked some for Millie our neighbor and brought them over yesterday. She said those lilac bushes have been there for over 100 years. Pretty cool.
So tomorrow is the big day. Once again, a holiday such as Valentines day that should be celebrated EVERYDAY. That's right, it's mother's day. I hope all of you mother's out there enjoy yourselves, take a break, get pampered, get hugs, calls and cards from your kids and hubbys. I actually think Lonnie has something up his sleeve (which by the way is the first time he's actually remembered ahead of time for a major celebration including anniversaries and birthdays) All I want is to sleep all night long, without a crying baby and I want Brody to feel better soon.....okay, and maybe some new sandals but who's counting anyway. I already have the most wonderful two gifts in the world, my two punks :) and a wonderful husband to boot. I'm so proud of him and how hard he works so I can stay home with these two punks. THAT is the best mother's day gift!
HAPPY MAMA DAY (tomorrow!) Wishing Granny K, Grandma Lala and Grandma M.E a very happy mama day.

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Crazy Mom said...

Awww...happy Mom's day to you and glad to see the nekkid kids are doing better. I think Nakedness is a boy thing...mine have no modesty whatsoever and do not need to be coerced into dropping trou!

Sleep in tomorrow. You sooo deserve it!