Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Punch card at the Doctor

Frequent flyer ear infection punch card. Have nine, tenth visit free? Yup. Brody has an ear infection and I'm REALLY really glad. Why, you ask? Antibiotics. Hopefully fast healing. I've had him glued to me for the past 72 hours...seriously. I've had to pee with him sitting on my lap because he won't let me sit him down. One handed cooking, cleaning and most everything. I hope it's because of his ears, I'm not quite sure what to do if it's not. Baylor, despite the fact that he never slept either, was a great baby. He played by himself and sill does. He sits and reads forever and has such a creative imagination that today I caught him playing with the Tylenol bottle, baby ibuprofen bottle and ear drop bottle. They were his "family" and he was talking with them and playing for about a half hour. I just sat and stared in amazement (actually I didn't sit, I haven't done that all day) Anyways, I hope this antibiotic helps. It's in the cephelexin family, in which Baylor and myself are both allergic too. Fingers crossed Brody doesn't have an allergic reaction. It's supposed to be the best for infections though.

Enough with this sickness already! It's May, not sickness season!!!!

So even though Brody has been feeling icky, he still managed to make me laugh today. This kid is going to be our drama king and dancing maniac. He dances to anything that has a the toaster oven, the breast pump (kid you not) and of course random music throughout the house. I'll try to upload a video that I captured of him dancing, but you now how Satan...ummm, I mean my computer likes to behave.

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