Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rex rides again

Just starting after the freezing wind and rain. It was still a bit on the chilly side (hence the hippie hat) but the sun finally came out and warmed it up a bit.

Here they are....SOME....of the The Chalk the Walk photos. Hold on to your hats. Rex Rides Again. (this may take a while..the computer is being, "naughty" as Baylor says" ) I'll try to get more later when my computer is not being satan.

Here is the beginning phase. The power ranger kickboard is for my knees.
This is Rex after day one. Lookin okay, but needing some major help.

15 hours total chalking time...woo hoo! I'm beat, sunburned and sore from laying on asphalt all day, but it was so much fun and totally worth it. I will have a better plan next year (the mental pictures in my head got fuzzy after a while)...and maybe someone to help me. I thought it turned out okay, but I'm pretty critical of my own art. I did however receive some, "oh, an alligator on a go-cart, " and " a dragon on a lawn mower." Ummmmm no. Don't you know your dinosaurs? Needless to say, all of the children that walked by (and there were a ton) knew exactly what it was. (He even had a licence plate that said REX...hello mom and dad!!) It was a huge hit with the boys. Baylor was thrilled to, he even got to help out a little bit. There were so many talented and amazing artists there, it was great just to be a part of it.

Lonnie got his first taste of more than a few hours with the boys. I would like to mention for the record that I did receive a... " I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU DO IT." let me say it again....

"I don't know how you do it."
That's right. Straight from the Daddy's mouth. He did a great job, the house was still standing and in not too bad of shape when I got home. Brody took a twenty minute nap for him (so it's not just me!) and Baylor was great (as he always is for dad) It was good for him to be with both of them and great for me to have a break.


Janice said...

Excellent job! How wonderful that you got some time for yourself and gotta love when the Daddy's get to see what our days can really be like. I always feel like a liar when they are good and take good naps when daddy is home. grrr. Jen and I drove thru the work last night trying to guess which one was yours, always nice to get the chance to drive on such a colorful street, but yet dont like driving on peoples hard work and great talent!

Crazy Mom said...

Love the dragon on the go cart! Ohhh...REX, now I get it. He he! Good for you for getting a I don't know how you do it. After a 10 hour work day on Saturday alls I got was "I need a calendar because 5 days a week the family isn't my job.." Nice eh?

My own issue...sorry.

Anywho, dinosaurs are the bomb. Even if some parents are kinda stupid....

Miranda said...

I am dinosaur-delayed so I wouldn't have known aside from the REX plate!
I bet it was a lot of fun, and the weather was pretty nice, eh? Good job!!

NYC Girl said...

Like I told you it looks great.
Thanks for letting Alivia help she was telling everyone.
I love it when the dad's say......
I don't know how you do it. God didn't design men the same as women and it's good for them to be out of there comfort zones and taking on the role of the domestic goddess. Even if it didn't entail, laundry, supper, lunch, mess after mess after mess, dishes, correspondences, reading at bedtime, baths, moping, dusting ,vaccuming........ You get the point of all us moms do!
I hope you had fun, we may do a square next year and do something the kids can handle like a rainbow or the peace sign or maybe even a cross on a hill.