Tuesday, May 6, 2008

You nose is like a valcano...

Says Baylor to Lonnie this morning. Ha! At least it's not mine this time. Yup, Lonnie has caught our junk. Sorry dude.

It was gorgeous today. Baylor asked what gorgeous meant and I said, "gorgeous, just like your mom" And a princess, don't ever forget that son. Gorgeous indeed. So nice that decided that I couldn't miss out on family porch playing time, so I pumped (breast that is) on the porch. Yup. Got the good ole breast pump down from the bathroom, plugged it into the porch outlet and watched the boys play with their dad. This may be too much information for some of you, but you got to do what you got to do. I was covered...don't worry! Lisbon does not need to see any boobies...they already get to see translucent legs.

And I digress......

I was a very productive lady today. Got up at the butt crack of dawn thanks to Brody man, I'm pretty sure he has an ear infection. I'm waiting just a little bit longer to take him to the Dr. I think we need a frequent visitor punch card there or maybe our own parking space. Anyways, stuck my head under the coffee maker...coffee couldn't come out fast enough. Checked to see if Lonnie was alive (he had a fever last night) He was indeed still breathing....and snoring. Okay....productivity...mowed the lawn, mulched the hostas, scrubbed and painted the porch floor, laundry, dishes (lonnie helped with those..thanks sweet cheeks) and more laundry. Brody took another thirty minute nap this afternoon, I'm totally blaming the ears, otherwise I'm going to go bonkers pretty soon....and yes, still waking up at least once a night. (But hey, better than twice) blaming that on ears too.

It's going to storm soon. Thunderstorms in spring and summer are pretty much my favorite thing. They rank right up there with new baby smell, chocolate and bubble baths. The distant rumble of thunder, the breeze through the windows and the smell of wet concrete. LOVE IT. I am going to finish this day sitting in my white porch rockers (which I salvaged from the street corner by the way) and sipping a nice glass of....uh, water. Thanks Lord for the beautiful day, I really needed it!.

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