Sunday, June 29, 2008

Snakes, toads and toilet paper rolls

Does this photo look familiar? Apparently it takes far too long to put the roll ON the dispenser. Don't over exert yourself, you might pull a hammy or something.

Meet Opus. Ball python from across the street. Did I mention I HATE SNAKES. At least the kid has no fear...yet.

Meet Frank (for the record, Lonnie refused to pick him up and called me out to do the dirty work) Brody wanted to eat him, like usual.

And finally a wholesome snack before dinner. Yum dog food.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our little night owl

Call him the master of stalling, the king of excuses or plain ole scardy name it, Baylor will use it as an excuse. Some of his one liners include, "Dad, come here I have to show you something" and "I'm hungry I need a snack" and "sleep a little bit" (this said while he grabs your neck in a choke hold and hangs on for dear life) His latest stunt includes asking us to turn the hall light on and leaving his door cracked. Granted, he is afraid of the shadows that the night light makes but this is getting a little old. It's so bright that it keeps us ALL up. Last night 9:45pm, we switch the light off and hear, "NOoooo ON ON ON !" poop. Tried again 10:30pm....nope, still awake!!!! Okay, he has to be asleep it's 11:30.......umm, nope. We finally got fed up and turned the light off despite the cries and then waking his brother up. Two screaming children at midnight is mighty fun times.
Tonight we headed over to my aunt and uncle's house who live about 20 minutes away in Swisher. My second cousin Emma was there and she is 7 and was just the perfect entertainment for Baylor. They ran and ran and played and played and ran some more. We threw them all in the big whirlpool bathtub and gave them a good scrub down. Both of my children had a major freak out when the jets were turned on, so they were promptly shut off. Too bad, it would have been fun watch them swirl around :) Lonnie and I got to watch the Olympic track and field trials on a nice flat screen t.v....I actually just sat there and wiped up Lonnie's drool. Lots of fun, I'm hoping for major sleep from both of them because they were so worn out. And of course I forgot my camera!!
It's okay, I spent the entire day inhaling paint vapors from VBS decorations, I guess I'm entitled to a little slip of sanity once in a while.

Friday, June 27, 2008

I guess I'm just a little spark plug...

Thanks for the goat offers (I'm sure Baylor would have been thrilled) but handy man Lonnie fixed the mower. So we got our mini miracle. I was walking out to tell Lonnie to check the spark plug and I hear sputtering and bangs and see smoke and VOILA it started....Lonnie yells, "it was the spark plug!" Sweetness. I think I still want a goat though.

OPERATION POTTY: Or should I say operation try to go in the potty and not on the porch or floor or carpet or toy box. That's right. I am sick and tired of diapers eating a major hole in the Speidel family budget and the neighbors simply won't tolerate my children running around nekkid all the time. It's go time...for reals...seriously.....GO as in GO IN THE POTTY!!!!!! I can't figure this kid out. He will wear big boy pants but refuses to pee in the potty. We tried all morning (for jelly beans) and he squeezed ONE DROP out and was thrilled (much rejoicing) and then I tried to get him to try again...ummm, NO. " NO mom, I'm good." were the words that came from his cute little mouth and then I hear "ohhhh mom, I peed I peed!!!" Sweet!!!!
Not sweet.
He peed.
Very confused. Thinking child will be wearing diapers in college.
So on to more exciting things.
So my little bro and his fiance are coming for the first two weeks of June..did I say June (Ummm it's July....wait, what day is it? Holy Cow I'm loosing it) I'm throwing them two showers/family BBQ/open houses. Tons of fun. Adding to my list of things to do is decorating for our church vacation bible school. I've enlisted help from resident artist and mama Kim and Miss Shannon who takes the boys so I can have some alone time. The theme is Son Harvest (think Green Acres for Jesus)

For the record, I just ate a giant bowl of mashed potatoes...but I ran this morning so it balances out right? I'm pretty sure I could live off of mashed potatoes, coffee and chocolate.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Home sweet home

Fourteen total hours round trip in Bessie the compact car, seven veggie tales movies, tons of goldfish and two cranky kiddos later we have returned. We had a great time with Lonnie's parents, sisters and brother in law. We don't get to see them very often so it was a treat. They're probably the nicest people you'll ever meet. It was good to catch up as much as possible, they have so much going on in their lives. I can barely get Lonnie to talk to me so getting him to give me an update on his family is like pulling molars.

Here is Baylor the Builder helping dad and grandpa with the demolition of an old shed/greenhouse. This kid was in heaven from chasing cats to demolishing things to playing in mud to searching the "jungle" with his "noculars" He was very sad to leave this place of fun.

A drive by "shooting" of this enormous cross on the side of the highway.

Here is Papa Mike (Lonnie's dad) playing with Baylor outside. The basketball hoop was a major plus. Brody at the playground of Lonnie's old grade school, where I was informed was the place of his first kiss...ummm in Kindergarten. There's the little smoocher now...with Brody man on the fence that we jumped to get inside. Apparently they're hefty on security on Southern Illinois playgrounds :) We just relaxed (as much as you can with two kids) watched cable t.v (thus reassuring me that we will NEVER get cable) ate far too much junk food and got eaten alive by chiggers. Seriously. Lonnie and I look like we have Ebola or chicken pox. Let me tell you a little about these awful little microscopic crotch biters. They like tight spots (think underwear lines and bra straps and socks) and they itch like the dickens. They get into bedding and fun things like that and then eat you while you sleep. I covered myself with little patches of duct tape to see if I could suffocate the little critters....didn't work so well, but I looked mighty sexy. We'll survive, just itching like crazy.
So what do you think of this handsome fella? Do you think this suit will do for a ring bearer? I think for 1.99 it might just be perfect. With a littler alterations and a new tie, we're in business...but it's not up to me...Bwee what do you think? Lonnie's mom is responsible for clothing my children and she finds great bargains (see example above) A woman after my own heart. We were also sent home with loads of fresh blue berries from Great Grandma and Grandpa Speidel's amazing garden (which by the way makes your poo blue in case you were wondering)
We returned home at 11pm secretly hoping that the boys would sleep in the car. RIiiiiiight. who were we kidding? Our children don't sleep...and in cars? Pshaw. (is that word? it is) Baylor was awake the entire time, fighting sleep like it was his job. Brody finally drifted off after serenading us with his bellows for about thirty miles. I am now utterly and totally freaked out by our next road trip. We haven't figured out the details but I hope the include sedatives. All in all it was a great trip but we're glad to be home.
Shoot up a prayer for our mower...yes, mower. Just bought it a little over a year ago and it has gone kaput. Need a miracle or a goat.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Road trippin

Here I am all cute. Helping mom pack for our, actually just eating this old suitcase, yum.

Me: Baylor where are you going? Come here please!!!


Excellent form son, use those arms......

....and, cross your legs and look cute for the camera.

On the road again.....just can't wait to get on the road again...can't wait to travel with two crazy punks...wait, make that three, Lonnie included. So we're off to see the in laws and we are more than excited. I made the mistake of telling Baylor we were leaving tomorrow (like he knows the difference between tomorrow and right now!) and he said, "oh, good when Brody gets up from his nap we can go?" He has different codes for different grandparents and great grandparents. He knows my grandma M.E. has horses and cats and Lonnie's grandparent have cows. Isn't it nice to be associated with farm animals? Anyways, we are packing....excuse me, I am packing up the car today....wait, let me rephrase one more time. I am packing the living room because I don't have the car today and will hopefully pack it tonight so we can leave tomorrow after lunch. I'm praying that they actually sleep in the car. I can count on one hand the number of times Brody has actually slept in the car. We borrowed a DVD player (thanks Janice, you rock) and stocked up on food we can snack on until we get there. It's about a six hour car ride if you don't stop, so it will probably take us around 7 because we'll stop at a McDonald's play land to let Baylor stretch his crazy legs. Last time we did that I got stuck in the tunnel with Baylor who refused to come down. We don't get to see Lonnie's parents nearly enough since they live so far away, so this is always a treat. Brody was running a fever yesterday and the day before so I took him in to make sure he didn't have any ear infections, Ebola or strange diseases before we left. Just teeth.....sweet. This explains the need to stick everything and anything in his mouth...including the t.v screen....that was a funny pictures...must have felt good on his gums.
We're gone until Wednesday night but hopefully I'll be able to access Internet somewhere and update you on our adventures!

Now packing for two kids, yourself and your hubby ( I actually don't pack for him, he's a big boy) is always fun. I always...yes, always over pack. I am notorious for over packing BUT always being prepared for any situation that might occur while en route or at our destination. For example: 1)Poo explosion...this is code for pack extra wipes, diapers, a towel, disinfecting wipes, extra set of clothes, plastic sack and oxy clean. 2) Cranky kids in the car....this is code for pack entertainment, healthy snacks, unhealthy and easy snacks, clear liquids in non-spilling containers, wipes for messes, trash sack for garbage, DVD player, DVDs, Books, toys, blankets, pillows, music cd' get my drift. There is always the WHAT IF of packing. What if Brody needs noise (bring fan) what if Baylor wants his stuffed bunny? (bring bunny) What if there is a cold snap and we don't have warm clothes (pack a few warm clothes) I'm pretty much nuts when it comes to being prepared....I'd make a great boyscout. I am trying to scale down the packing because we are taking Bessie our Corolla (Bessie is a nice name for her I think) and it's a mighty small car for four people BUT it gets great gas mileage and is super reliable.

So, let the games begin. Wish us well and pray for safety!! (if any of your locals notice anything strange going on at the house, let us know...or call the police :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Leave hall light on peas?

Baylor: Leave Hall light on peas?!!
Me: Why
Baylor: Because I'm scared of shadows and sharks
Me: Honey, there are no sharks here and shadows aren't scary (try to convince an almost three year old of this is mighty impossible)
Baylor: Please peas pease!!!
Me: okay
Baylor: Okay, now I need a hug and a kiss....a REAL kiss. I'll put it in my pocket, save it for later.
ME: awwwwwww

So that was over an hour ago. It's almost ten. I tried to turn the hall light off and heard screaming from his room. The kid is STILL up and it's almost ten!!!! No wonder we've been having major cranky pants issues lately. He did take a good afternoon nap...maybe he's not tired? Maybe he wants to torture me some more? Maybe there really is a shark in his room? Maybe I should go have a glass of wine? I don't get it. The words GOOD SLEEP and my children shall not be used in the same sentence...EVER.

Brody took his first step today! He has been standing on his own and finally took the plunge. We also found out that he loves to head butt just like his brother, just ask, don't ask..just look at his black eye. (Just kidding, he doesn't have a black eye)

Well, I'm off to bed. I'm tired and can't think of anything remotely funny to say and there is apparently a Lisbonite block party going on at the shady apartments across the street.
They have dropped the F bomb too many times...I want to go over there and introduce them to the pankin poon. The bass is so loud that my 100 year old windows are rattling and my butt is case you were wondering, my butt never's a firm rock. FIRM ROCK.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Wrath of Grapes and "cake"

So I go for a run this morning and come back mighty hungry. Decide to make myself some oatmeal and left it on the table to cool off while checking on Brody who is eating sand outside...naked (who would have guessed) I hear Baylor clanging around in the kitchen and then he yells, "Mom! I'm making you birthday cake!" Ummm, sure, okay...sounds fine until I remember my precious breakfast sitting on the table. Bless his little heart he's making me a cake! No one ever bakes for me?! How exciting....I think.
HERE is the "cake" he made for my birthday (which happens to be in January) Yes, that is cinnamon, sugar, salt and a whole lot of pepper IN MY OATMEAL!!!! Hey, at least he's creative. NOTE TO SELF: DO NOT leave salt, pepper, cinnamon, sugar or anything for that matter within reach of Baylor.
Oh, look at that face. He's sooo proud! We have a future chef on our hands folks.
Just a boy and his dog...spread eagle on the sleeping bag, soaking up some rays. Nice.
He loves that dog. Poor Macey. She has had to endure many pokings, bitings, hittings and baby love. She still loves him back though.
Now if I can just touch the sprinkler with my toes....and not manage to get wet...
Now I couldn't leave this post without a good NEKKID photo. Clothing is optional at our house...ummm, the kids of course.
DISCLAIMER: The following is about my child's poo, you may discontinue reading if you so choose. I warned you.
So Brody's new favorite food is grapes in all forms including raisins. And with the eating of grapes comes the pooping of grapes. I have changed FOUR dirty diapers before NOON today that all contained grapes or raisins....yum mmmy! His poor tush (hence the nekkid booty, just trying to air dry a little)
Did I mention how much I love my new Internet?

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Laugh

Moving at the speed of light!!!!

This is what happens when you refuse to wear clothes outside and then sit in the sandbox. Sand in the crack...marvelous!

Yea baby. We've finally moved into the 21st century and gotten rid of dial-up!!! It took some budget shuffling and whining on my part, but I think we can swing it. We are no longer blocking phone lines or waiting an hour to upload one photo. I am so stoked. I can actually watch a video on You Tube or receive a photo via email! There will be no more swearing at the computer or throwing objects into the screen. We're going to be getting rid of our land line soon too (I'll let you know when that happens) If you want our new email (if I haven't sent it to you already) just let me know! I am now going to download some photos just because I CAN!!! and I'm going to do it FAST...SUPER FAST!!! Hooray! Oh my gosh...that was only took about five seconds....holy poo. Man, we've been missing out big time.

This is highway one (the connection between us and Solon, North Liberty and Iowa City) ummmm looks like it's going to be a while before we use this road again. The big pumpkin farm (Kroul Farms) was underwater but they said they're going to replant and hopefully have pumpkins by October. That's where we always get our pumpkins and have a ton of fun with Grandma and Grandpa Speidel when they come to visit.

We had Ellie over today and off came the clothes! We enjoyed the gorgeous weather and took a dip in the pool...well, more like a sit and then run in the pool. It was a tad on the cool side.

I think I am going to celebrate my high speed by making some cookies.....but don't you fear, I'll be back with more fun things to upload tonight!!! YES!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dear Daddy,

Happy Father's Day to the best dad in the world. I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful things that you do.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to spend time with us.
Thanks for wrestling me right before bedtime so that I get all riled up and it takes me a long time to calm down before I go to bed.
Thanks for reading me bedtime stories until your eyeballs fall out and doing all the silly voices that go along with them!

Thanks for letting me stick band aids all over your face and playing Dr with me.
Thanks for being a leader in our house and loving mommy.
Thanks for sneaking me cookies when mom says I can't have any more and even for breakfast.
Thanks for praying with me and for praying for me everyday.

Thanks for catching me when I fall or when I jump into your arms and kissing my boo boos.
Thanks for being a tickle monster.
Thanks for disciplining me (even though I hate it) I'm sure I'll thank you later when I have a little punk just like me!
Thanks for building the train set exactly the way I want and then rebuilding it again and again until it's perfect.
Thanks for teaching me about important things like grunting, scratching, and peeing IN the toilet instead of on the floor.
Thanks for being patient with me and for keeping up with me.
Thanks for letting me stay up a little later than Brody so we can spend some quality time together.
Thanks for making my bed perfect with every single stuffed animal I own, Thomas the Train, three blankets, a police car and numerous other toys.
Thanks for teaching me about Jesus and the Bible.
Thanks for realizing that I may never play baseball or football but I sure can run like hell.
Thanks for letting me watch Veggie Tales seventeen times straight when mom is away.
Thanks for making me laugh so hard that I pee or shoot milk out my nose.
Thanks for carrying me when I get tired and encouraging me to keep going when I get down.
Most of all just thanks for being the best dad in the world and for loving me unconditionally. Happy Father's Day!! I LOVE YOU.
Baylor (Brody helped too....and mom translated a little because she loves you too)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Lord said to Noah.....

"Never again will I curse the ground because of man, even though every inclination of his heart is evil from childhood. And never again will I destroy all living creatures, as I have done. As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease."
Straight from HIS mouth. He is NOT punishing us, he is just reminding us how soverign and almighty HE IS!!! Be thankful for you life.
More photos from inside of my former church.

Flood photos

This is Parkview Church in Iowa City. This is near and dear to my heart because it is where Lonnie and I were married (and most of my friends) and the church I grew up in. It just makes me want to cry. I know it's only a building and a church is not the's the people and congregation, but it still hurts to see such a beautiful place of worship be destroyed.

This is Mehaffey Bridge that goes over the Coralville reservoir. This bridge connects me to my parents!!!! This was taken before the water went over the bridge. My Grandpa Mort helped build that bridge over 70 years ago and I actually spray painted my name on the top during the last flood!!! Shhh don't tell mom. Looks like we won't be seeing my mom and dad for a long time :( I'm trying to get my parents to walk down and take some photos of the bridge now that the water is over the top.

I'll post more later.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Still afloat

Hey! look here's your might need them...oh, wait..YOU AREN'T POTTY TRAINED YET!!!

My little Picasso

I have been glued to the t.v all day yesterday and today and I'm just blown away by the images from Cedar Rapids (10 minutes away) and Iowa City (20 minutes away). I am so thankful that we don't live in any of those areas and my stomach is just sick for those people who have lost so much. It's almost unreal to see some of my hometown and favorite spots underwater. It is almost reminiscent of some of the footage from Katrina with the boats going down the roads and rescuing people form their attic windows. We are stuck here in Lisbon because almost every road going anywhere is either flooded or going to be flooded by tonight. My very smart husband is traveling to Des Moines AGAIN today.....he has tickets to D1 Nationals (which he bought a long time ago) so I understand, but they are closing all major highways to and from Des Moines soon. Good luck dear, see you tomorrow!!! We were without electricity for a few hours last night during another storm and then again this morning. It's amazing what we take for granted as far as electricity. At least I got my morning coffee before it went out, if mama isn't caffenated then no one is happy!! Can you tell that I'm at my wits end here? I am super duper sick of Lonnie being gone and totally burnt out. BUT I will survive, I can't even begin to complain because I have a house and a dry one at that.

So it looks like Baylor and I might be the only ones traveling to Montana for the wedding. We've been weighing our travel and budget options and are still brainstorming. I wish we could all fly (actually I'd be scared to fly with Brody, he can't even sit on my lap for more than seconds at home) or even take Amtrak. It's still a little ways away, so hopefully we can figure something out soon. I'd love for our entire family to be there. It's not everyday your little bro gets married.

So OPERATION POTTY...ummm, haven't had an update for a while and good reason for that is there is NOTHING to update you on. Actually, we know Baylor can hold it (he went nekkid from the waist down all morning without an accident) and he can pee standing up (he watered my tomato plants) he just refuses to use the potty or even try. He kicks, screams and throws a fit when we try to take him. I'm still open to ANY SUGGESTIONS!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

God is reminding us....

God said he would never again flood the earth, but he didn't say anything about giving us a little reminder here and there. Apparently Eastern Iowa needed a lot of reminding. We're having the biggest flood this area has ever seen and it's just amazing to me to see the damage already. Luckily, we don't live near a major river, lake or reservoir (but my parents and many friends do) We're the top story on all local and national news stations. I've been glued to the tube all day long watching in disbelief.,2933,365943,00.html
The last flood of this magnitude was in 1993. I have photos of me standing by the spillway in Coralville (the water is once again rushing over the top towards Iowa City) when the water began to trickle over for the first time in history. I had a stellar perm by the way...but I was only 12. The University of Iowa is beginning to go under water and Coralville (This is where I grew up) It was bad in 1993 and they are projecting it will be much worse than that.
Our prayers are with those who are underwater or going to be soon.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Welcome to the Family!

So it's official. My little bro has taken the plunge and asked this beautiful lady to be his wife! Hooray. Her name is Brianna or Bri or Bweee (Baylor's version) and I am so totally excited and honored to have her in our family. I've always wanted a sister!! (Although I do have some pretty cool sister-in-laws on Lonnie's side:) She's pretty awesome and will make an amazing wife. Mister romance (this being said in a very sarcastic tone) proposed at Old Faithful in Yellowstone in the snow. If you know Kort at all (that's my little bro) he isn't a details kind of guy so when I called and asked for details I got, "uh, I asked her to marry'll have to ask her the details" Either he was blinded by love and couldn't remember what happened which could be the case, or he is just being Kort. So he thinks and explains like the aeronautical engineer he is (obviously he got the math/science genes in the family) Very analytical with a dry sense of humor...but I still love him. So the wedding will be in Montana and we're still awaiting the date. The timing is quite tricky with Kort being deployed to Iraq in the fall. So two big prayer requests would be for their wedding planning and obviously Kort's deployment. My mom is already freaking out as most mamas do.
We're totally excited to travel to Montana as neither of us has ever been but not so much traveling with two little kiddos, but it will be worth it. We might make a vacation out of it and take our time and possibly stopping at some cool places like Mount Rushmore. The drive is around 1330 miles or 22 hours. We'd travel through Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana. I realize that I don't talk about Kort as much as I should...he's a pretty talented dude even though I'd like to box his ears once in a while. He is a lot bigger than me (I still think he's adopted from an alien family) so I'd better not pick that fight. I also have so much dirt on him it's not even funny...actually it's hilarious, he was such a funny little kid. Someday when I'm feeling evil, I'll enlighten ya'll.
So anyways...WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!!!! Woo hoo!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Need rain, we've got plenty. Here are some pretty cool clouds that I shot yesterday when a cold front came through....oh yea, and more rain. And that is all I have to say about that. Enjoy the clouds (at least it's not Baylor's rear this time)

Boys will be boys

1 Large plastic drum with loud drumsticks being pounded on by excited boy.
1 green recorder with screeching high pitched notes being blown by another excited boy.
2 joyful 2.78 and 3 year old screaming in jubilation.
2 babies screaming in fear of joyful boys loud bellowing.

And this is motherhood my friends.

We had a marvelous time this morning over at our friend's house. She has two boys around the same ages as Baylor and Brody. If I could have bottled up all of the energy of all those kiddos, I would sell it and retire early. I would call my magic energy drink....BOY. Let's see we played trains for 3.4 seconds, race cars for 5.6, outside for 4 minutes and then water table for 6.7 minutes. The water table wins by a landslide. Looks like that is on the birthday list. We tried to have a conversation over the testosterone induced marching band but ended up with fragmented sentences and trying to feed two cranky babies. It was great to get out of the house and it was even better to have Baylor play with a boy that can dish it out. Baylor loves to get dirty, wrestle and do all things boy and we haven't had luck finding another little dude to play with that lives close. I love watching them box, wrestle to the ground and fight over toys....and what I love even more is when I look at his mom and we're both smiling and rooting for the other kid to win, all of this while calmly sitting far away from them. It drives me bonkers when the mamas lurch out in fear and continuously tell my kid "no no no no no no" "No touching" "oh, no we don't wrestle." "oh, no no don't breathe on......" You get my drift. Boys will be boys and we should let them be boys!!! We aren't savages, we teach our children to share and not to hit, say please and thank you and excuse me and to be gentle, but sometimes you just have to let them play. I cant wait until Brody can hold his own..let the boxing matches begin! So thanks for the play date....we really needed it! We'll be back tomorrow :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Full course meal


That is what I found in my kids' car seats. Who would have thunk you could enjoy an entire four course meal just by cleaning out the car seats. It was long overdue and a little bit scary. I found just about every breakfast cereal there is, a stale french fry, an almond, one large rock, sunglasses, stale half eaten graham cracker, three unidentified crusty objects and so many crumbs you could make a pie crust out of them. Yum. Now under and behind the car seats was another adventure in itself. Tons of random toys that I throw at Brody to make him quit crying during the car ride, more crumbs and stale cereal, a dried up wipe, hand sanitizer, ball, sippy cups and semi automatic rifle...just kidding. Thus another reason why I will never drive a minivan...more space means more places to hide things. There was enough scary things under our small car seats. Some people are pretty anal about their car seats and don't let their kids eat or drink in them. Hello! You either have perfectly behaved kids in the car or you're secretly trying to starve them. I do limit the food to things that are easily cleaned and mostly cereal, but there are rare occasions (1. screaming toddler 2. Screaming baby 3. Screaming toddler and baby) that I bend the rules a tad. Like the other day for instance. We were at a potluck and I made this yummy cheesecake pie. We were leaving and all that was left of the pie was the pie server and it was covered in cheesecake and crust....BUT Brody refused to give it up. I couldn't handle a car ride of high pitched screaming so gave in and let him suck on it. That my friends, wasn't the brightest idea. I didn't tell Lonnie what I did and then asked him sweetly if he could get Brody out of the car seat for me. You should have seen the look on his face....and Brody's face...covered in cheesecake...and the car seat...covered in goop. That is why today is officially car seat cleaning day. Now putting these stinkin contraptions back together is another story. I don't follow directions anyways so no diagram or instructions would help. I swear I spent a half an hour on ONE BUCKLE!!!! Needless to say after about an hour of swearing under my breath and throwing random parts across the room, they are clean and assembled correctly....I think. I'm sure they'll be dirty again in one car ride, but at least I can cross this off of my list of things to clean.

Rough night with Brody man. I think he's still feeling a little off, but who knows. I am convinced that continuous sleep is a word that will not be part of my vocabulary for a very long time. My kids just don't sleep and therefor will be geniuses because instead of sleeping, they are exploring the world around them soaking up all of the knowledge...blah blah blah. Riiiight. They're still cute though.

I did get to work out this morning. Lonnie and I discussed our plan of attack on making sure each of us got sufficient work out time (I was totally getting the shaft before) I will work out at Cornell in the mornings while he stays home with the boys and he is going to work out over his lunch hour and not at night so he's not so tired. He can shower at Cornell and we can save on water. I can remain stinky all day until I jump in the swimming pool or run through the sprinkler with the boys. Showers are overrated anyhoo. I'm just excited to spend an hour alone toning my white jello while listening to 90's old school rap and the most random music you'll ever hear on my mp3 player.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Crack kills

Nothing says summer like butt crack.

Actually I ran out of swim diapers (and was secretly hoping he'd be potty trained by now) so it was commando with the trunks. He has such a tiny little waist it was down with the drawers. So now you have a nice view of his cute little tush. He didn't seem to mind, five seconds later they were in a pile besides him as he ran streaking through the yard yelling, "MOOOOOOM, I'M NAAAAAAAKKKEED!" You sure are and the neighbors are staring. Who needs clothes anyways.

Here is the little glasses stealer. At least we know if his eyes are as bad as his dad's, he'll look cute in glasses. I put my glasses on for band and they had little peanut butter fingerprints all over them. But what doesn't have fingerprints all over it in my house?

Lonnie and I took the boys to the Lisbon Pool today. Lisbon has a pool you say? Ummm, well.....uhhhh kind of. If you consider a 10x10x2 cement square a pool. It is however, the perfect size for us and the bonus....containment!!! There is a fence around the pool and Baylor can't figure out the door yet. It's a block from our house (another bonus) and it's free! (bonus number three!) It was just what we needed after a long morning of sweaty yard work. So remember the swimming suit I was so excited about finding a while ago.....only eight bucks and pretty cute. Apparently I tried it on when I had boobs and now it doesn't fit. Lonnie said I was flashing people my pancakes (actually he didn't say pancakes, he's nicer than that) So it looks like I'm on a suit hunt again....and this time...padding!! If they weren't sacred away by the boobular deflation my whiteness surly made them turn away. Run away!!!!

So now I'm going to complain about our Internet. We are still in the age of dinosaurs and using dial-up. Reason being it is only 10 bucks a month compared to a whole heck of a lot more for high speed. So we've been shuffling numbers and plotting (actually I have been) to get rid of this stinky slow dial up. We came up with getting rid of our land line and just using our cell phones and switching to high speed (insert angelic chorus singing hallelujah) We think it might balance out just right in our budget. To give you an illustration of how incredibly slow this computer is....I tried to download five photos to my facebook.......and it took 36 minutes and then didn't finish and none of my photos got uploaded!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh Then I tried to get on to blog and it took ten minutes just to open the sign-on page. I'm on a time schedule here folks! Once we have our high speed, there is no stopping my uploading photos. You'll be so sick of seeing pictures of my kids that your eye balls will fall out. Now all I need is someone to buy me that DSLR Canon camera I've been dreaming of.

Here is my latest project. I converted Lonnie's old "bachelor" table into a train table for Baylor. Complete with a track, pond, racetrack, construction zone and farm. Funny thing is he like the plain table better...figures. It was fun to paint, maybe I'll sell it and buy me some chocolate.

Happy to say that Brody is drug free (Tylenol and Ibuprofen) for more than 24 hours and is back in his room with is brother. He is unfortunately getting his first set of molars and gnawing on everything in sight. Did I say gnawing...I meant leg, shoulder, the chair, his brother's face and the dog's foot. No wonder he has mystery illnesses, everything goes in the mouth. He gets cuter everyday and so does his brother. He hit 10 months and is standing on his own and ready to take a few steps. My money goes on walking by the end of the month and then sprinting the next day.

Enjoy your day of rest tomorrow!
*p.s spellchecker says boobular isn't a word....I think it should be!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mr. Feverpants update

Well it's been quite the few days. Brody man had continued with high fevers well into this morning. After our hospital visit, he came home and started wheezing which pretty much freaked me out so our Dr and I had a nice chat on the phone at 11pm. The wheezing stopped, but he was up every few hours with a fever. After his morning nap however, he seemed to have cooled off a bit. It was awful, the poor guy just cried and moaned and whined and just wanted to be held...and then not be held...and then be held. He hasn't eaten anything besides a few bites of Popsicle (hey, I'll take what I can get) and I've been pushing fluids down his little gullet as fast as I can. I felt very helpless and didn't know what else I could do besides drugging him up and giving him cool baths, ice chips and pedialyte. Whatever nasty virus it was, it looks like it's on it's way out. Hopefully it will miss the rest of us. I'm just worn out from taking care of a sick baby and a cranky two year old. Hopefully he's on the mend! Thanks for the calls and emails checking up on us!

Now I will talk about sweat and hair and showers. I know you probably could care less how hairy my legs are but I feel the need to indulge in details today for some odd reason. Quite frankly can't remember when I showered last....or ate a full meal for that matter. Wait, what day is it? I scared the garbage man this morning when I came walking out with p.j's and freakishly freaky freak hair (in case you're wondering what that's freaky, think Edward Scissorhands) I'm looking forward to a shower and some nice shaving (I even invested in a fancy Women's razor...never done that before, I always use Lonnie's) I think my freakishly white legs are worth a good shave though. I really want to wear shorts tonight (it's band night woo hoo!) but I am dealthy afraid of scaring the living daylights out of the band with my legs. Someone told me the other day that I had, "indoor face." Ummmm, gee thanks. I'll translate for you. That means that you're so white it looks like you've seen a ghost and you need to get in the sun...STAT. Dude, I have INDOOR BODY. I spent far too long frying my face under tanning beds and being a lifeguard that I've got some major sun damage already, I don't want to continue down the path to wrinkledom anytime soon.

So I was reading a blog the other day and she was talking about how she hated being labeled a mommy blog because mommy blogs talk about mommy things and so on and so forth. It made me proud to be labeled a mommy blog. Why yes, I do blog about my children's poo, what shot out of their noses and how much sleep they didn't give me on a particular day. Even though a lot of you probably don't really care how many stale cheerios were stuck to my feet this morning when I waltzed through the kitchen (three) or where Baylor decided to go pee last night (on my tomato plants) or even how hairy my legs are (getting close to Sasquatch) I'm glad you keep reading and I'm a proud mommy blogger. Maybe you can learn a thing or two because most of the time I don't know what I'm doing either! Here's to flying by the seat of our pants mothering.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mr Feverpants and the mystery illness

Why not spend an evening at the hospital? Mr. Brody man decided to spring a fast one on us. He was perfectly happy yesterday and even this morning with a low grade fever that I was going to blame on teething (can't we just blame everything on teeth?) His fever started rising at lunch and then after the nap was around 102. I gave the little dude some Tylenol and that did nothing and he was so miserable. He was burning up, moaning, crying and just laying on me. If you know this kid...HE DOESN'T LAY. I called our new Dr (whom I think is great!) and we got him in for an appointment suspecting a possible ear infection. Fever is rising....around 103. Checks him over suspects a few things and sends us to hospital for abdominal and chest xray plus blood work. woo hoo. I was hoping for a simple ear infection. After pokes and scary xray machines and a nice big dose of ibuprofen we're home. Brody is still groaning and feverish but hopefully will sleep a little tonight. The Doc looked at the xrays and says Mr. Feverpants is majorly constipated and is mighty backed up with poo ( I could have told you that one) and the chest films showed a little cloudiness that could be turning into pneumonia. Blood work was okay, not good, but okay. Enough to send us home but give plenty of fluids and calm him down a little...riiight. We're going to watch him for more coughing and shortness of breath (he was doing that earlier) and go from there. We're also going to load up on some nice laxatives and prune juice. We...well Brody and I are in for a long night. He's not fully asleep yet and it's almost 10!!! Baylor has been wide awake too tonight and we can't figure out why he's wired so late. So shoot a prayer for the Brody man and for sleep for the fam.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The man mops!

That's right folks. You heard it here first. My wonderfully talented husband mopped our kitchen floor for the FIRST time ever (that would be almost five years of marriage) I don't find this terribly shocking, he's a busy dude and mopping just isn't on his list of things to do (unfortunately it's on mine) There's something about a man with a mop. He did a great job and I'm pretty sure he can do it from now on.

Well summer is here, or at least the weather is arriving. The wonderful Iowa humidity that turns my hair into crazy freaky wavy fuzz. I will not complain about the weather (well, maybe later when it's too hot to move, it's what I do) because anything is better than this past winter. It was nearly 90 on Sunday so I went to the evil empire and bought a five dollar inflatable pool. The boys were in heaven. Both of them insisted on nudity (well, Brody didn't really insist his diaper just fell off) Now Lonnie is a little freaked out by his boys being naked in the back yard. His reason would be what we like to call the "disappearing willy" Hmmmmmm what is that you ask? It's exactly what you think. Brody has a little fat pocket above his man part and it makes it go into hiding fairly often. I'm not sure what goes on in men's head when they first see their little dude's netherparts hide like a turtle, but by the look on his face, it's not good. "Put shorts on that kid!"
I love my camera (no, not really) actually I love photography. It's one of my passions. It was part of my senior thesis art show in college and It's my favorite to teach. I am a sucker for the old fashioned black and white film where you develop it yourself in a darkroom, but I do love a good digital. I have put a nice SLR digital camera on my wish list, hoping that we will win the lottery (which would be a very long shot since we're never played) They're not cheap either, so it looks like I'll be wishin and hopin for a long time. A girl can dream can't she? So anyhoo, I have a gazillion photos on my computer and always wait too long to have them printed. This time I had 399 photos to pick up at Wally World....and that explains the strange look from the photo technician.
Some punk updates:
Brody: standing on his own from a sitting position. I know he wants to take a step, I can see it in his little determined eyes. He is getting better at playing on his own and is getting into everything!!! He fell down the stairs for the first and hopefully last time. It was one of the most awful things to watch and it happened in slow motion. He's okay...I think :) Getting cuter everyday and looking more like daddy of course!
Baylor: giving me a run for my money....literally. Really into running away very quickly (if this kid doesn't get a track scholarship for college I'll be surprised) I am considering having his hearing checked because he obviously doesn't hear me when I'm screaming SSSSSTTTTOOOOPPPP! (this too is obviously a male thing..selective hearing...but I didn't think it could start this soon!) He is blowing me away with how smart he is (of course I am not biased at all) He loves books, won't let you skip a page and just soaks up everything around him. His other new favorite thing is not eating and then asking for a snack five minutes later. Not gonna fly with the mama. Still loving Veggie Tales, trains and dinosaurs.
Sorry for the delay on the blog. I had bloggers block.

Good. Clean. Fun.