Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Boys will be boys

1 Large plastic drum with loud drumsticks being pounded on by excited boy.
1 green recorder with screeching high pitched notes being blown by another excited boy.
2 joyful 2.78 and 3 year old screaming in jubilation.
2 babies screaming in fear of joyful boys loud bellowing.

And this is motherhood my friends.

We had a marvelous time this morning over at our friend's house. She has two boys around the same ages as Baylor and Brody. If I could have bottled up all of the energy of all those kiddos, I would sell it and retire early. I would call my magic energy drink....BOY. Let's see we played trains for 3.4 seconds, race cars for 5.6, outside for 4 minutes and then water table for 6.7 minutes. The water table wins by a landslide. Looks like that is on the birthday list. We tried to have a conversation over the testosterone induced marching band but ended up with fragmented sentences and trying to feed two cranky babies. It was great to get out of the house and it was even better to have Baylor play with a boy that can dish it out. Baylor loves to get dirty, wrestle and do all things boy and we haven't had luck finding another little dude to play with that lives close. I love watching them box, wrestle to the ground and fight over toys....and what I love even more is when I look at his mom and we're both smiling and rooting for the other kid to win, all of this while calmly sitting far away from them. It drives me bonkers when the mamas lurch out in fear and continuously tell my kid "no no no no no no" "No touching" "oh, no we don't wrestle." "oh, no no don't breathe on......" You get my drift. Boys will be boys and we should let them be boys!!! We aren't savages, we teach our children to share and not to hit, say please and thank you and excuse me and to be gentle, but sometimes you just have to let them play. I cant wait until Brody can hold his own..let the boxing matches begin! So thanks for the play date....we really needed it! We'll be back tomorrow :)

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amen sister!