Saturday, June 7, 2008

Crack kills

Nothing says summer like butt crack.

Actually I ran out of swim diapers (and was secretly hoping he'd be potty trained by now) so it was commando with the trunks. He has such a tiny little waist it was down with the drawers. So now you have a nice view of his cute little tush. He didn't seem to mind, five seconds later they were in a pile besides him as he ran streaking through the yard yelling, "MOOOOOOM, I'M NAAAAAAAKKKEED!" You sure are and the neighbors are staring. Who needs clothes anyways.

Here is the little glasses stealer. At least we know if his eyes are as bad as his dad's, he'll look cute in glasses. I put my glasses on for band and they had little peanut butter fingerprints all over them. But what doesn't have fingerprints all over it in my house?

Lonnie and I took the boys to the Lisbon Pool today. Lisbon has a pool you say? Ummm, well.....uhhhh kind of. If you consider a 10x10x2 cement square a pool. It is however, the perfect size for us and the bonus....containment!!! There is a fence around the pool and Baylor can't figure out the door yet. It's a block from our house (another bonus) and it's free! (bonus number three!) It was just what we needed after a long morning of sweaty yard work. So remember the swimming suit I was so excited about finding a while ago.....only eight bucks and pretty cute. Apparently I tried it on when I had boobs and now it doesn't fit. Lonnie said I was flashing people my pancakes (actually he didn't say pancakes, he's nicer than that) So it looks like I'm on a suit hunt again....and this time...padding!! If they weren't sacred away by the boobular deflation my whiteness surly made them turn away. Run away!!!!

So now I'm going to complain about our Internet. We are still in the age of dinosaurs and using dial-up. Reason being it is only 10 bucks a month compared to a whole heck of a lot more for high speed. So we've been shuffling numbers and plotting (actually I have been) to get rid of this stinky slow dial up. We came up with getting rid of our land line and just using our cell phones and switching to high speed (insert angelic chorus singing hallelujah) We think it might balance out just right in our budget. To give you an illustration of how incredibly slow this computer is....I tried to download five photos to my facebook.......and it took 36 minutes and then didn't finish and none of my photos got uploaded!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh Then I tried to get on to blog and it took ten minutes just to open the sign-on page. I'm on a time schedule here folks! Once we have our high speed, there is no stopping my uploading photos. You'll be so sick of seeing pictures of my kids that your eye balls will fall out. Now all I need is someone to buy me that DSLR Canon camera I've been dreaming of.

Here is my latest project. I converted Lonnie's old "bachelor" table into a train table for Baylor. Complete with a track, pond, racetrack, construction zone and farm. Funny thing is he like the plain table better...figures. It was fun to paint, maybe I'll sell it and buy me some chocolate.

Happy to say that Brody is drug free (Tylenol and Ibuprofen) for more than 24 hours and is back in his room with is brother. He is unfortunately getting his first set of molars and gnawing on everything in sight. Did I say gnawing...I meant leg, shoulder, the chair, his brother's face and the dog's foot. No wonder he has mystery illnesses, everything goes in the mouth. He gets cuter everyday and so does his brother. He hit 10 months and is standing on his own and ready to take a few steps. My money goes on walking by the end of the month and then sprinting the next day.

Enjoy your day of rest tomorrow!
*p.s spellchecker says boobular isn't a word....I think it should be!!!

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Kim said...

Don't assume the internet problems go away with high speed...this is the first day this week we've been able to get on for more than 2 minutes at a time. I keep catching Mom growling at the computer.