Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dear Daddy,

Happy Father's Day to the best dad in the world. I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful things that you do.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to spend time with us.
Thanks for wrestling me right before bedtime so that I get all riled up and it takes me a long time to calm down before I go to bed.
Thanks for reading me bedtime stories until your eyeballs fall out and doing all the silly voices that go along with them!

Thanks for letting me stick band aids all over your face and playing Dr with me.
Thanks for being a leader in our house and loving mommy.
Thanks for sneaking me cookies when mom says I can't have any more and even for breakfast.
Thanks for praying with me and for praying for me everyday.

Thanks for catching me when I fall or when I jump into your arms and kissing my boo boos.
Thanks for being a tickle monster.
Thanks for disciplining me (even though I hate it) I'm sure I'll thank you later when I have a little punk just like me!
Thanks for building the train set exactly the way I want and then rebuilding it again and again until it's perfect.
Thanks for teaching me about important things like grunting, scratching, and peeing IN the toilet instead of on the floor.
Thanks for being patient with me and for keeping up with me.
Thanks for letting me stay up a little later than Brody so we can spend some quality time together.
Thanks for making my bed perfect with every single stuffed animal I own, Thomas the Train, three blankets, a police car and numerous other toys.
Thanks for teaching me about Jesus and the Bible.
Thanks for realizing that I may never play baseball or football but I sure can run like hell.
Thanks for letting me watch Veggie Tales seventeen times straight when mom is away.
Thanks for making me laugh so hard that I pee or shoot milk out my nose.
Thanks for carrying me when I get tired and encouraging me to keep going when I get down.
Most of all just thanks for being the best dad in the world and for loving me unconditionally. Happy Father's Day!! I LOVE YOU.
Baylor (Brody helped too....and mom translated a little because she loves you too)

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