Monday, June 9, 2008

Full course meal


That is what I found in my kids' car seats. Who would have thunk you could enjoy an entire four course meal just by cleaning out the car seats. It was long overdue and a little bit scary. I found just about every breakfast cereal there is, a stale french fry, an almond, one large rock, sunglasses, stale half eaten graham cracker, three unidentified crusty objects and so many crumbs you could make a pie crust out of them. Yum. Now under and behind the car seats was another adventure in itself. Tons of random toys that I throw at Brody to make him quit crying during the car ride, more crumbs and stale cereal, a dried up wipe, hand sanitizer, ball, sippy cups and semi automatic rifle...just kidding. Thus another reason why I will never drive a minivan...more space means more places to hide things. There was enough scary things under our small car seats. Some people are pretty anal about their car seats and don't let their kids eat or drink in them. Hello! You either have perfectly behaved kids in the car or you're secretly trying to starve them. I do limit the food to things that are easily cleaned and mostly cereal, but there are rare occasions (1. screaming toddler 2. Screaming baby 3. Screaming toddler and baby) that I bend the rules a tad. Like the other day for instance. We were at a potluck and I made this yummy cheesecake pie. We were leaving and all that was left of the pie was the pie server and it was covered in cheesecake and crust....BUT Brody refused to give it up. I couldn't handle a car ride of high pitched screaming so gave in and let him suck on it. That my friends, wasn't the brightest idea. I didn't tell Lonnie what I did and then asked him sweetly if he could get Brody out of the car seat for me. You should have seen the look on his face....and Brody's face...covered in cheesecake...and the car seat...covered in goop. That is why today is officially car seat cleaning day. Now putting these stinkin contraptions back together is another story. I don't follow directions anyways so no diagram or instructions would help. I swear I spent a half an hour on ONE BUCKLE!!!! Needless to say after about an hour of swearing under my breath and throwing random parts across the room, they are clean and assembled correctly....I think. I'm sure they'll be dirty again in one car ride, but at least I can cross this off of my list of things to clean.

Rough night with Brody man. I think he's still feeling a little off, but who knows. I am convinced that continuous sleep is a word that will not be part of my vocabulary for a very long time. My kids just don't sleep and therefor will be geniuses because instead of sleeping, they are exploring the world around them soaking up all of the knowledge...blah blah blah. Riiiight. They're still cute though.

I did get to work out this morning. Lonnie and I discussed our plan of attack on making sure each of us got sufficient work out time (I was totally getting the shaft before) I will work out at Cornell in the mornings while he stays home with the boys and he is going to work out over his lunch hour and not at night so he's not so tired. He can shower at Cornell and we can save on water. I can remain stinky all day until I jump in the swimming pool or run through the sprinkler with the boys. Showers are overrated anyhoo. I'm just excited to spend an hour alone toning my white jello while listening to 90's old school rap and the most random music you'll ever hear on my mp3 player.

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Kasi Tenborg Miller said...

I had the worst stomach guck of my life last week! I sure hope that isn't what Brody has... I am still recovering. Good luck and pray that no one else in your family gets it!