Thursday, June 26, 2008

Home sweet home

Fourteen total hours round trip in Bessie the compact car, seven veggie tales movies, tons of goldfish and two cranky kiddos later we have returned. We had a great time with Lonnie's parents, sisters and brother in law. We don't get to see them very often so it was a treat. They're probably the nicest people you'll ever meet. It was good to catch up as much as possible, they have so much going on in their lives. I can barely get Lonnie to talk to me so getting him to give me an update on his family is like pulling molars.

Here is Baylor the Builder helping dad and grandpa with the demolition of an old shed/greenhouse. This kid was in heaven from chasing cats to demolishing things to playing in mud to searching the "jungle" with his "noculars" He was very sad to leave this place of fun.

A drive by "shooting" of this enormous cross on the side of the highway.

Here is Papa Mike (Lonnie's dad) playing with Baylor outside. The basketball hoop was a major plus. Brody at the playground of Lonnie's old grade school, where I was informed was the place of his first kiss...ummm in Kindergarten. There's the little smoocher now...with Brody man on the fence that we jumped to get inside. Apparently they're hefty on security on Southern Illinois playgrounds :) We just relaxed (as much as you can with two kids) watched cable t.v (thus reassuring me that we will NEVER get cable) ate far too much junk food and got eaten alive by chiggers. Seriously. Lonnie and I look like we have Ebola or chicken pox. Let me tell you a little about these awful little microscopic crotch biters. They like tight spots (think underwear lines and bra straps and socks) and they itch like the dickens. They get into bedding and fun things like that and then eat you while you sleep. I covered myself with little patches of duct tape to see if I could suffocate the little critters....didn't work so well, but I looked mighty sexy. We'll survive, just itching like crazy.
So what do you think of this handsome fella? Do you think this suit will do for a ring bearer? I think for 1.99 it might just be perfect. With a littler alterations and a new tie, we're in business...but it's not up to me...Bwee what do you think? Lonnie's mom is responsible for clothing my children and she finds great bargains (see example above) A woman after my own heart. We were also sent home with loads of fresh blue berries from Great Grandma and Grandpa Speidel's amazing garden (which by the way makes your poo blue in case you were wondering)
We returned home at 11pm secretly hoping that the boys would sleep in the car. RIiiiiiight. who were we kidding? Our children don't sleep...and in cars? Pshaw. (is that word? it is) Baylor was awake the entire time, fighting sleep like it was his job. Brody finally drifted off after serenading us with his bellows for about thirty miles. I am now utterly and totally freaked out by our next road trip. We haven't figured out the details but I hope the include sedatives. All in all it was a great trip but we're glad to be home.
Shoot up a prayer for our mower...yes, mower. Just bought it a little over a year ago and it has gone kaput. Need a miracle or a goat.


Janice said...

Nail polish will suffocate them! That's what my mom would use when we got them. Glad you trip went well, minus the sleeping bit anyway!

Crazy Mom said...

Hmmm...I've totally missed your blog. But, I have a few stupid comments.
1.) The trip would be more enjoyable with a minivan. I think there's some scientific proof in the pudding somewhere! :-p

2.) Maybe you need boringer (is that a word?) movies. Veggie Tales are too much fun, and WHO could sleep thru that? As far as what is really tedious t.v. to a 3 year old I have no idea.

3.) Okay, it may seem like a smart alec ?, but I'm totally serious. Doesn't bug spray work on chiggers? Or no, because it's all Deet free and all? Serious!

Glad you're back! Good luck getting everyone back into a routine!

A&E said...

I dont have you miracle but Ive got lots of goats!! We juat had 2 babies too:)

Kim said...

Ok, I'm from the south so I can assure you that clear nail polish works on chigger and yes, pshaw is a word. As for the grass, if we can make Josiah believe there are strawberries in it, I'm sure he'd happily munch away. My kid is so weird.

Brianna said...

Keri- the suit is so cute! I think it will work out just fine :) We will see you in a couple days!