Friday, June 27, 2008

I guess I'm just a little spark plug...

Thanks for the goat offers (I'm sure Baylor would have been thrilled) but handy man Lonnie fixed the mower. So we got our mini miracle. I was walking out to tell Lonnie to check the spark plug and I hear sputtering and bangs and see smoke and VOILA it started....Lonnie yells, "it was the spark plug!" Sweetness. I think I still want a goat though.

OPERATION POTTY: Or should I say operation try to go in the potty and not on the porch or floor or carpet or toy box. That's right. I am sick and tired of diapers eating a major hole in the Speidel family budget and the neighbors simply won't tolerate my children running around nekkid all the time. It's go time...for reals...seriously.....GO as in GO IN THE POTTY!!!!!! I can't figure this kid out. He will wear big boy pants but refuses to pee in the potty. We tried all morning (for jelly beans) and he squeezed ONE DROP out and was thrilled (much rejoicing) and then I tried to get him to try again...ummm, NO. " NO mom, I'm good." were the words that came from his cute little mouth and then I hear "ohhhh mom, I peed I peed!!!" Sweet!!!!
Not sweet.
He peed.
Very confused. Thinking child will be wearing diapers in college.
So on to more exciting things.
So my little bro and his fiance are coming for the first two weeks of June..did I say June (Ummm it's July....wait, what day is it? Holy Cow I'm loosing it) I'm throwing them two showers/family BBQ/open houses. Tons of fun. Adding to my list of things to do is decorating for our church vacation bible school. I've enlisted help from resident artist and mama Kim and Miss Shannon who takes the boys so I can have some alone time. The theme is Son Harvest (think Green Acres for Jesus)

For the record, I just ate a giant bowl of mashed potatoes...but I ran this morning so it balances out right? I'm pretty sure I could live off of mashed potatoes, coffee and chocolate.

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