Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Leave hall light on peas?

Baylor: Leave Hall light on peas?!!
Me: Why
Baylor: Because I'm scared of shadows and sharks
Me: Honey, there are no sharks here and shadows aren't scary (try to convince an almost three year old of this is mighty impossible)
Baylor: Please peas pease!!!
Me: okay
Baylor: Okay, now I need a hug and a kiss....a REAL kiss. I'll put it in my pocket, save it for later.
ME: awwwwwww

So that was over an hour ago. It's almost ten. I tried to turn the hall light off and heard screaming from his room. The kid is STILL up and it's almost ten!!!! No wonder we've been having major cranky pants issues lately. He did take a good afternoon nap...maybe he's not tired? Maybe he wants to torture me some more? Maybe there really is a shark in his room? Maybe I should go have a glass of wine? I don't get it. The words GOOD SLEEP and my children shall not be used in the same sentence...EVER.

Brody took his first step today! He has been standing on his own and finally took the plunge. We also found out that he loves to head butt just like his brother, just ask, don't ask..just look at his black eye. (Just kidding, he doesn't have a black eye)

Well, I'm off to bed. I'm tired and can't think of anything remotely funny to say and there is apparently a Lisbonite block party going on at the shady apartments across the street.
They have dropped the F bomb too many times...I want to go over there and introduce them to the pankin poon. The bass is so loud that my 100 year old windows are rattling and my butt is case you were wondering, my butt never's a firm rock. FIRM ROCK.



Kim said...

They were having a party the other night too and I wondered how you guys put up with that. Sometimes I'm jealous that you're able to go for walks whenever you want, but that made me appreciate my quiet countryside.

Janice said...

I've noticed that there are ALWAYS people hanging outside there too. Good luck with that one this summer. At least the kids havent started trying to come play at your house yet. We are being stalked by a girl from a few blocks away!