Monday, June 2, 2008

The man mops!

That's right folks. You heard it here first. My wonderfully talented husband mopped our kitchen floor for the FIRST time ever (that would be almost five years of marriage) I don't find this terribly shocking, he's a busy dude and mopping just isn't on his list of things to do (unfortunately it's on mine) There's something about a man with a mop. He did a great job and I'm pretty sure he can do it from now on.

Well summer is here, or at least the weather is arriving. The wonderful Iowa humidity that turns my hair into crazy freaky wavy fuzz. I will not complain about the weather (well, maybe later when it's too hot to move, it's what I do) because anything is better than this past winter. It was nearly 90 on Sunday so I went to the evil empire and bought a five dollar inflatable pool. The boys were in heaven. Both of them insisted on nudity (well, Brody didn't really insist his diaper just fell off) Now Lonnie is a little freaked out by his boys being naked in the back yard. His reason would be what we like to call the "disappearing willy" Hmmmmmm what is that you ask? It's exactly what you think. Brody has a little fat pocket above his man part and it makes it go into hiding fairly often. I'm not sure what goes on in men's head when they first see their little dude's netherparts hide like a turtle, but by the look on his face, it's not good. "Put shorts on that kid!"
I love my camera (no, not really) actually I love photography. It's one of my passions. It was part of my senior thesis art show in college and It's my favorite to teach. I am a sucker for the old fashioned black and white film where you develop it yourself in a darkroom, but I do love a good digital. I have put a nice SLR digital camera on my wish list, hoping that we will win the lottery (which would be a very long shot since we're never played) They're not cheap either, so it looks like I'll be wishin and hopin for a long time. A girl can dream can't she? So anyhoo, I have a gazillion photos on my computer and always wait too long to have them printed. This time I had 399 photos to pick up at Wally World....and that explains the strange look from the photo technician.
Some punk updates:
Brody: standing on his own from a sitting position. I know he wants to take a step, I can see it in his little determined eyes. He is getting better at playing on his own and is getting into everything!!! He fell down the stairs for the first and hopefully last time. It was one of the most awful things to watch and it happened in slow motion. He's okay...I think :) Getting cuter everyday and looking more like daddy of course!
Baylor: giving me a run for my money....literally. Really into running away very quickly (if this kid doesn't get a track scholarship for college I'll be surprised) I am considering having his hearing checked because he obviously doesn't hear me when I'm screaming SSSSSTTTTOOOOPPPP! (this too is obviously a male thing..selective hearing...but I didn't think it could start this soon!) He is blowing me away with how smart he is (of course I am not biased at all) He loves books, won't let you skip a page and just soaks up everything around him. His other new favorite thing is not eating and then asking for a snack five minutes later. Not gonna fly with the mama. Still loving Veggie Tales, trains and dinosaurs.
Sorry for the delay on the blog. I had bloggers block.

Good. Clean. Fun.

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Crazy Mom said...

Wait til you're potty training. For whatever reason, BOTH my boys have to strip to their birthday suits to lay a dooce. I guess they move better when they're naked....kinda interesting in public!

Naked babies rule!