Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mr Feverpants and the mystery illness

Why not spend an evening at the hospital? Mr. Brody man decided to spring a fast one on us. He was perfectly happy yesterday and even this morning with a low grade fever that I was going to blame on teething (can't we just blame everything on teeth?) His fever started rising at lunch and then after the nap was around 102. I gave the little dude some Tylenol and that did nothing and he was so miserable. He was burning up, moaning, crying and just laying on me. If you know this kid...HE DOESN'T LAY. I called our new Dr (whom I think is great!) and we got him in for an appointment suspecting a possible ear infection. Fever is rising....around 103. Checks him over suspects a few things and sends us to hospital for abdominal and chest xray plus blood work. woo hoo. I was hoping for a simple ear infection. After pokes and scary xray machines and a nice big dose of ibuprofen we're home. Brody is still groaning and feverish but hopefully will sleep a little tonight. The Doc looked at the xrays and says Mr. Feverpants is majorly constipated and is mighty backed up with poo ( I could have told you that one) and the chest films showed a little cloudiness that could be turning into pneumonia. Blood work was okay, not good, but okay. Enough to send us home but give plenty of fluids and calm him down a little...riiight. We're going to watch him for more coughing and shortness of breath (he was doing that earlier) and go from there. We're also going to load up on some nice laxatives and prune juice. We...well Brody and I are in for a long night. He's not fully asleep yet and it's almost 10!!! Baylor has been wide awake too tonight and we can't figure out why he's wired so late. So shoot a prayer for the Brody man and for sleep for the fam.


Janice said...

That stinks about Brody. You know Gretchen pulled a fever once when she was "plugged up" too, it stunk (no pun intended) Her fever is pretty much gone now, she got up to 103 today(but she had been laying on that side) So hopefully it is just a virus and the little man will be better in the morning. Just snuggle him and sleep the best you can. P.s I have garlic! :)

Crazy Mom said...

Apparently Maddie was contagious across state lines. The only consolation I have is that this is all normal kid stuff, right? I hope he's feeling better!!! Poor little guy!