Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our little night owl

Call him the master of stalling, the king of excuses or plain ole scardy name it, Baylor will use it as an excuse. Some of his one liners include, "Dad, come here I have to show you something" and "I'm hungry I need a snack" and "sleep a little bit" (this said while he grabs your neck in a choke hold and hangs on for dear life) His latest stunt includes asking us to turn the hall light on and leaving his door cracked. Granted, he is afraid of the shadows that the night light makes but this is getting a little old. It's so bright that it keeps us ALL up. Last night 9:45pm, we switch the light off and hear, "NOoooo ON ON ON !" poop. Tried again 10:30pm....nope, still awake!!!! Okay, he has to be asleep it's 11:30.......umm, nope. We finally got fed up and turned the light off despite the cries and then waking his brother up. Two screaming children at midnight is mighty fun times.
Tonight we headed over to my aunt and uncle's house who live about 20 minutes away in Swisher. My second cousin Emma was there and she is 7 and was just the perfect entertainment for Baylor. They ran and ran and played and played and ran some more. We threw them all in the big whirlpool bathtub and gave them a good scrub down. Both of my children had a major freak out when the jets were turned on, so they were promptly shut off. Too bad, it would have been fun watch them swirl around :) Lonnie and I got to watch the Olympic track and field trials on a nice flat screen t.v....I actually just sat there and wiped up Lonnie's drool. Lots of fun, I'm hoping for major sleep from both of them because they were so worn out. And of course I forgot my camera!!
It's okay, I spent the entire day inhaling paint vapors from VBS decorations, I guess I'm entitled to a little slip of sanity once in a while.

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