Friday, June 20, 2008

Road trippin

Here I am all cute. Helping mom pack for our, actually just eating this old suitcase, yum.

Me: Baylor where are you going? Come here please!!!


Excellent form son, use those arms......

....and, cross your legs and look cute for the camera.

On the road again.....just can't wait to get on the road again...can't wait to travel with two crazy punks...wait, make that three, Lonnie included. So we're off to see the in laws and we are more than excited. I made the mistake of telling Baylor we were leaving tomorrow (like he knows the difference between tomorrow and right now!) and he said, "oh, good when Brody gets up from his nap we can go?" He has different codes for different grandparents and great grandparents. He knows my grandma M.E. has horses and cats and Lonnie's grandparent have cows. Isn't it nice to be associated with farm animals? Anyways, we are packing....excuse me, I am packing up the car today....wait, let me rephrase one more time. I am packing the living room because I don't have the car today and will hopefully pack it tonight so we can leave tomorrow after lunch. I'm praying that they actually sleep in the car. I can count on one hand the number of times Brody has actually slept in the car. We borrowed a DVD player (thanks Janice, you rock) and stocked up on food we can snack on until we get there. It's about a six hour car ride if you don't stop, so it will probably take us around 7 because we'll stop at a McDonald's play land to let Baylor stretch his crazy legs. Last time we did that I got stuck in the tunnel with Baylor who refused to come down. We don't get to see Lonnie's parents nearly enough since they live so far away, so this is always a treat. Brody was running a fever yesterday and the day before so I took him in to make sure he didn't have any ear infections, Ebola or strange diseases before we left. Just teeth.....sweet. This explains the need to stick everything and anything in his mouth...including the t.v screen....that was a funny pictures...must have felt good on his gums.
We're gone until Wednesday night but hopefully I'll be able to access Internet somewhere and update you on our adventures!

Now packing for two kids, yourself and your hubby ( I actually don't pack for him, he's a big boy) is always fun. I always...yes, always over pack. I am notorious for over packing BUT always being prepared for any situation that might occur while en route or at our destination. For example: 1)Poo explosion...this is code for pack extra wipes, diapers, a towel, disinfecting wipes, extra set of clothes, plastic sack and oxy clean. 2) Cranky kids in the car....this is code for pack entertainment, healthy snacks, unhealthy and easy snacks, clear liquids in non-spilling containers, wipes for messes, trash sack for garbage, DVD player, DVDs, Books, toys, blankets, pillows, music cd' get my drift. There is always the WHAT IF of packing. What if Brody needs noise (bring fan) what if Baylor wants his stuffed bunny? (bring bunny) What if there is a cold snap and we don't have warm clothes (pack a few warm clothes) I'm pretty much nuts when it comes to being prepared....I'd make a great boyscout. I am trying to scale down the packing because we are taking Bessie our Corolla (Bessie is a nice name for her I think) and it's a mighty small car for four people BUT it gets great gas mileage and is super reliable.

So, let the games begin. Wish us well and pray for safety!! (if any of your locals notice anything strange going on at the house, let us know...or call the police :)


Kim said...

You guys will do just fine. I bet the boys will do great and if they don't, Bessie is small enough for you to reach them with the pankin poon without even slowing down!

Crazy Mom said...

Welcome to the Land of Lincoln!!! As of SAt. the Cubs have had a great series, not to deter you from Being a Cards fan...but, well, we both know who the better team is!!!

All jest aside, be safe, esp. with the over flowing rivers and all the fun that comes with being 6 hours plus on the road.

The Cricks!!