Friday, June 13, 2008

Still afloat

Hey! look here's your might need them...oh, wait..YOU AREN'T POTTY TRAINED YET!!!

My little Picasso

I have been glued to the t.v all day yesterday and today and I'm just blown away by the images from Cedar Rapids (10 minutes away) and Iowa City (20 minutes away). I am so thankful that we don't live in any of those areas and my stomach is just sick for those people who have lost so much. It's almost unreal to see some of my hometown and favorite spots underwater. It is almost reminiscent of some of the footage from Katrina with the boats going down the roads and rescuing people form their attic windows. We are stuck here in Lisbon because almost every road going anywhere is either flooded or going to be flooded by tonight. My very smart husband is traveling to Des Moines AGAIN today.....he has tickets to D1 Nationals (which he bought a long time ago) so I understand, but they are closing all major highways to and from Des Moines soon. Good luck dear, see you tomorrow!!! We were without electricity for a few hours last night during another storm and then again this morning. It's amazing what we take for granted as far as electricity. At least I got my morning coffee before it went out, if mama isn't caffenated then no one is happy!! Can you tell that I'm at my wits end here? I am super duper sick of Lonnie being gone and totally burnt out. BUT I will survive, I can't even begin to complain because I have a house and a dry one at that.

So it looks like Baylor and I might be the only ones traveling to Montana for the wedding. We've been weighing our travel and budget options and are still brainstorming. I wish we could all fly (actually I'd be scared to fly with Brody, he can't even sit on my lap for more than seconds at home) or even take Amtrak. It's still a little ways away, so hopefully we can figure something out soon. I'd love for our entire family to be there. It's not everyday your little bro gets married.

So OPERATION POTTY...ummm, haven't had an update for a while and good reason for that is there is NOTHING to update you on. Actually, we know Baylor can hold it (he went nekkid from the waist down all morning without an accident) and he can pee standing up (he watered my tomato plants) he just refuses to use the potty or even try. He kicks, screams and throws a fit when we try to take him. I'm still open to ANY SUGGESTIONS!


Janice said...

You could always put a tomato plant in the toilet. :) Or maybe some targets(cheerios) and make it a game. But really, I've never potty trained a boy,yet.

Crazy Mom said...

Don't take the burnt out thing too lightly. You may wind up with stressed out TMJ like me. It's okay to need a break.

Crazy Mom said...

Oh! On the potty thing-Jack has a friend who is one of 5 kids, and the mom was talking yesterday about how she just let them do it whenever they wanted, because that's when they're ready, and she never had a problem. I think maybe Baylor could write that book on doing it when he's ready! I promise, he won't go to kinneygarten in diapers. Although...the money you save on his diapies may help with saving for your brother's wedding...:-)
Keep us posted!

Crazy Mom said...

Or is it
You can always vacation/escape rampant flooding here. The boys would love it! My doors are always open!