Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Welcome to the Family!

So it's official. My little bro has taken the plunge and asked this beautiful lady to be his wife! Hooray. Her name is Brianna or Bri or Bweee (Baylor's version) and I am so totally excited and honored to have her in our family. I've always wanted a sister!! (Although I do have some pretty cool sister-in-laws on Lonnie's side:) She's pretty awesome and will make an amazing wife. Mister romance (this being said in a very sarcastic tone) proposed at Old Faithful in Yellowstone in the snow. If you know Kort at all (that's my little bro) he isn't a details kind of guy so when I called and asked for details I got, "uh, I asked her to marry'll have to ask her the details" Either he was blinded by love and couldn't remember what happened which could be the case, or he is just being Kort. So he thinks and explains like the aeronautical engineer he is (obviously he got the math/science genes in the family) Very analytical with a dry sense of humor...but I still love him. So the wedding will be in Montana and we're still awaiting the date. The timing is quite tricky with Kort being deployed to Iraq in the fall. So two big prayer requests would be for their wedding planning and obviously Kort's deployment. My mom is already freaking out as most mamas do.
We're totally excited to travel to Montana as neither of us has ever been but not so much traveling with two little kiddos, but it will be worth it. We might make a vacation out of it and take our time and possibly stopping at some cool places like Mount Rushmore. The drive is around 1330 miles or 22 hours. We'd travel through Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana. I realize that I don't talk about Kort as much as I should...he's a pretty talented dude even though I'd like to box his ears once in a while. He is a lot bigger than me (I still think he's adopted from an alien family) so I'd better not pick that fight. I also have so much dirt on him it's not even funny...actually it's hilarious, he was such a funny little kid. Someday when I'm feeling evil, I'll enlighten ya'll.
So anyways...WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!!!! Woo hoo!


Andrea G. said...

Please tell Kort how excited we are for him and how beautiful and happy they look together! We just got back from a 14 hour trip with 2 kiddos I can't imagine 22, I will be praying for you!!!!

Kim said...

I don't hear people use "ya'll" up here very often...sure there's not a little Texan in you?