Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Wrath of Grapes and "cake"

So I go for a run this morning and come back mighty hungry. Decide to make myself some oatmeal and left it on the table to cool off while checking on Brody who is eating sand outside...naked (who would have guessed) I hear Baylor clanging around in the kitchen and then he yells, "Mom! I'm making you birthday cake!" Ummm, sure, okay...sounds fine until I remember my precious breakfast sitting on the table. Bless his little heart he's making me a cake! No one ever bakes for me?! How exciting....I think.
HERE is the "cake" he made for my birthday (which happens to be in January) Yes, that is cinnamon, sugar, salt and a whole lot of pepper IN MY OATMEAL!!!! Hey, at least he's creative. NOTE TO SELF: DO NOT leave salt, pepper, cinnamon, sugar or anything for that matter within reach of Baylor.
Oh, look at that face. He's sooo proud! We have a future chef on our hands folks.
Just a boy and his dog...spread eagle on the sleeping bag, soaking up some rays. Nice.
He loves that dog. Poor Macey. She has had to endure many pokings, bitings, hittings and baby love. She still loves him back though.
Now if I can just touch the sprinkler with my toes....and not manage to get wet...
Now I couldn't leave this post without a good NEKKID photo. Clothing is optional at our house...ummm, the kids of course.
DISCLAIMER: The following is about my child's poo, you may discontinue reading if you so choose. I warned you.
So Brody's new favorite food is grapes in all forms including raisins. And with the eating of grapes comes the pooping of grapes. I have changed FOUR dirty diapers before NOON today that all contained grapes or raisins....yum mmmy! His poor tush (hence the nekkid booty, just trying to air dry a little)
Did I mention how much I love my new Internet?

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Crazy Mom said...

We have been having real birthday cake since May 25th. At least one, if not two a week. Nate's b-day is Saturday and we'll be having more. I will send you some real honest to goodness cake. And I won't even put pepper in it.