Saturday, July 26, 2008

Amongst Friends

Last night I headed to Iowa City to attend a baby shower for an old high school friend of mine. I was thrilled for many reasons: 1. Child free evening among adults which meant adult conversation (even if it was talking about babies) 2. Child free...wait, I already said that. 3. I got to see some of my old high school buddies who are now moms. 4. I got to go with my mom, pretty much the coolest person I know. We talked in the car (actually we sat in the driveway for ten minutes because we were early) about how much everyone has grown up. It's just funny to look back and think that we worried over such silly things as boys and....uh, boys. Now we all have wonderful husbands that God picked out just for us and families. I may not see these friends very often, but we've shared in so many experiences together and I am so thankful for them.

I am headed to Illinois right now to Grandma M.E's horse farm...with the boys....and my mom. Wish us luck. Someone might lose it....and it's probably going to be me!

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