Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Baylor Press and Nekkid kid part deux

This my friends, is how I get my workout. It's call the squirmy Baylor press and I highly recommend it.

If you're happy and you know it scream in a blood curdling high pitched wail.

As we speak....or more like as you read. Lonnie is standing behind me critiquing my choice of verbiage in this blog. I've shot him down successfully and even suggested he start his own blog. He says, "Sure, it will be called called men unite...and suggest things like a dishes strike and anti laundry tactics" You go right ahead sweet cheeks, the feminazi's will be on you like bloodhounds. He is however, rubbing my shoulders, so I can't say much. I'm always down with a massage that wasn't forced or done with one hand while watching Sports Center.

So Brody is in this stage of clinginess. If you know me (or are married to me) you know that I'm not a touchy feely kind of gal, except with my kids. I make a point to snuggle, love on, hug, kiss and tell them I love them tons everyday. Brody however, has made it almost impossible to enjoy being around him at any given moment. He won't let me out of his sight or play by himself without having a major baby freakout. I love him to death but HE's DRIVING ME BONKERS. I cooked dinner, did four loads of laundry and vacuumed all with a child clinging to my leg screaming. Not my idea of fun. I hope this is a stage...or teeth...or something else I can blame it on.
Lonnie and I actually got to talk last night after the boys were in bed. It was awesome. No fragmented sentences (except coming from me...I have ADD) or interruptions by screaming punks. We sat on our white porch rockers (found on the street corner and restored by me) and I sipped tea while we watched our slightly red neck and a little scary neighbors. (Just pray for them....and lock your doors) Anyways, we had the "kid" and "house" talk. Our feelings on adding another kiddo and when we were able to move out of this house. We were both still up in the air about bambino number three but agreed it would be a major financial step. (no Jen, no minivan!!!!) It also looks like we're in this house for another two years AT LEAST. I love my house (not the location) but the house is perfect (we're outgrowing it fast though) for us right now. I find myself dreaming about our future house but have to realize that we need to finish paying off my college loan first. We want to just have a mortgage and no other bills before we move out of this house. We want to fix this house up too, but are finding ourselves treading water financially and projects always seem to get pushed back. Not because we're unwise about money, because we just don't have my income anymore. Lonnie is the master budget man and is very good with our finances. Like I've said before, I am so proud of how hard Lonnie works and blessed that I get stay home and raise our kids. I've started thinking of extra ways to make some extra money and I know there has to be something for me out there. I do have so much to be thankful for, God has truly blessed us with health a house to call our own and an amazing family (including our Church family) We'll just have to keep praying and God will let us know when he wants us to make a move. His timing is perfect.

Okay, time for beauty sleep. All I have to say is good thing there is spell check because if you didn't think I was an idiot would after you read my horrible misspellings. Hooray for spellcheck.

Wow, the neighbors must really be enjoying this view...


Crazy Mom said...

Yes, my kids are always naked. But so are yours! (Maybe THAT'S why I like you?)

Yes, I'd love to see a Lonnie blog about dishes and laundry protests, as I'm pretty sure it's how the Y chromosome exists and operates on a regular basis.

No, I'm not going to tell you how much cooler you'd be driving a minivan. All the cool kids have one, but whatever.

Yes, I'll weigh in on the 3rd kid debate with one word.... Roids man, roids..
Okay two words, and too much info.

Happy 4th!

Kim said... holding Gracie the other day was your baby fix, huh?
I heard one of those Crown Financial Money Minutes the other day about home businesses run by stay at home moms that really make some money and the #1 was providing specialty cakes. You could totally do that and you wouldn't get in trouble for having sweets around the house!