Saturday, July 5, 2008

Boxes, duct tape and buns of steel...

...just makes you want to give him some candy doesn't it?

...wait, then he'll end up looking like this!!!

That's right. This is my butt. Lonnie proudly took this photo and has been boasting what a good photographer he is.....I guess I can't argue with that...just look at that thing....ROCK. :) C'mon, who else would post a photo of their rear for all to least I'm proud....give me a few years when I'm wearing granny panties to keep everything from falling out. So I will embrace the firmness while I can.

...and the cutest kids in the universe. Duct tape and boxes, that's all we need.


Jill said...

I must say, Lonnie is a great photographer. If Abbie saw this, she would say: "Shake your booty, Keri. Come on, shake your booty! :) Ah...the things my husband teaches her.

Shannon said...

What is it with men and taking photos of our butts.
I swear anytime Darryl has the camera my butt appears in a picture. But like you I'm glad mine looks good or at least I think it does. All that running and walking have been paying off :)