Sunday, July 20, 2008

Chill out

Sorry about the's just my halo reflecting in the window.....

This photo was totally set up, there is no way Baylor would hug Brody...he would however strangle him in a second

At Matt's wedding in Iowa City. My three handsome dudes.

Seriously. Did my almost three going on 14 year old just tell me to chill out?!!!! Ummm, yes he did. Holy cow, where in the world did he learn that? It's not like I walk around the house going, "Chill out dude, got to go catch me some waves, gnarly, psych!" (said in surfer dude voice) Maybe I should take his words of wisdom...okay, maybe not wisdom...words of.....uh.....utter and complete insanity!!! My three year old told me to CHILL OUT!!!!!
Okay, deep breath. Time to...chill out :)

I just finished mowing in insanely long and almost alfalfa like grass in this amazingly lovely Iowa humidity. I am sitting in a pool of my own sweat, yum. While I was mowing, I kept thinking of funny things to blog about and then of course I sit down and forget them all. Oh yes, Brody has taken about 5-6 steps and is well on his way to sprinting. Kind of like his older brother whose latest stunts include running far far away from mom and dad. I think one of those "baby leashes" you know, the ones that are secretly made to look like backpacks, might be a good idea right about now.
Repeat to self:
It's just a phase.
He's 3.
I am doing a great job.
Spanking is okay.
Selling on eBay is not okay, but okay to think about once in a while.
Chill out.


Kim said...

Ok, this is not encouraging. I already want to sell my little angel...or at least set up a rent to own program. Since it doesn't look like they get any easier when they turn 3, I'm going to assume (in a totally naive and probably idiotic manner) that 4 gets better.

Crazy Mom said...

I can say 4 is easier than 5. 5 is hard. They are too too smart.

Anonymous said...

see, I knew he'd be a cool little dude! Totally rad.
I love your new pretty blog! And woohoo for mowing. I think that there is a dumpy yard a block away if you feel like a challenge.LOL!